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the habbits of your baby, let us all know what they are like. Lock Rss

ok, thought we could do something funny here and talk about the good side or in some cases the bad side of some babies. who has picked up on some baby bad happits? or even the good ones?
list a good habbit your baby had, and a bad and let us know where you think they got the habbit from - if you know where.

Kayden's good habbit is - now that he has 2 teeth, i am really making sure he will brush his teeth every day and now he has got into such a routine with it that he just opens his mouth ready for the brush to be swirled around!
Kayden's bad habbit is - grabbing the spoon when im trying to feed him his solids! it is so frustrating, because when i try and grab it back from him food goes every where and he thinks its a big joke! He also thinks its funny when he manages to get his socks off and only has one on! for baby weekly specials. make sure you take a look! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

at the moment DH taught bayden to make farting noises with his mouth. So bayden sits in the car going bbbffff bbbfff hehe.
He also puckers his lips at me when he doesnt get his own way casue i do it at peter and also at bayden when he frustrates me. Hes got my lips so they fold all the way down thats sooo funny...
hes 4 mnths 1 weekish

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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