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High chair Lock Rss


DD is over 5 months and is nearly ready for a high chair. Any advice on what to look for, what is really good and what is a total waste of money? Any features we should consider including or not including when looking at high chairs. What do people think of high-low chairs?

Please help, as I want the best for my baby, but there are so many things out there that are useless and a waste of money and even dangerous. And it's hard to know what to look for when I haven't used one before.

Hi Vaarin

I first bought a really cheap high chair for my son from target and he never liked sitting in it. At the time we didn't have a lot of money and I didn't realise how long he would be in it for - he's just turned 2 and I'm looking for a booster seat for him at the moment so he can sit at the 'big table'. We ended up spending about $175 at babyco for a high chair - the Angelico by swallow. It's a high/low chair which I really like as you can lower it so you can be sitting on the lounge when you feed your baby, then when they are older and having meals with the family you can put it up at the same level as the dining table and they can sit with you. The tray is removable which makes it easy to clean, and the chair is nicely padded so it's quite comfortable - well I haven't had any complaints so far LOL!!! The seat also reclines to make it easier to feed a young baby. Before you buy a high chair get the staff to show you all the features of a few different ones and then you can decide which is most suited to you and your baby.

Hope this helps
Hi Vaarin

I've got a steelcraft chair which is great but these are a few things I think are really useful in a high chair.

1. 5 point fully adjustable harness - a must for safety (it's handy if the harness can detach for cleaning too as they get pretty gross really quickly!!)

2. Wipe clean fabric on the seat

3. One handed tray removal (the ones with a clip on each side are almost impossible to use when juggling a baby in one hand!)

4. Height adjustable - so you can sit on a dining chair, the couch, floor, etc when feeding them

5. Lockable castors so you can move baby into different rooms (eg. into the kitchen to watch you clean up after feeding them)

A few other things that are handy but I don't think essential are:

1. Reclining back - good for babies if not yet sitting independently or if they fall asleep in the chair!!

2. Permanent support between babies legs (don't know what it's called!!) - a thing that stops baby sliding don in the seat if not strapped in - this would be handy for my sqirmy older baby who try to slide out before I get a chance to strap him in!!

Have fun shopping!!
Hi again,

Thanks for great advice! It is really helpfull to have some idea of what to look for when buying new things. Especially big things like high chair and stuff.

I have got another question though. Should I buy a high-low chair or just a high chair?

Thanks again, for your help and advice!

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