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eye development Lock Rss

I have just noticed my 4 1/2 mth old has a squint eye, that's where one eye is inward at times. I'm sure his eyes are still developing...but nonetheless very,very, very concerned. We have made an appointment with an eye specialist but would love to hear what you know about eye development....
Hi maryt. A friend of mine had the same problem so she took her baby to see a specialist as well. It turned out that babies eyes can look funny as they have such a small nose and the bridge is not yet developed so not high. Apparently they can see over the bridge and due to this it can look like they are cross eyed or have a lazy eye. Hopefully this is the same situation as your baby. I would be interested to know how you go.
hi well i have an 8 mth old daughter and she has one eye thats abit lazy and it turns in sometimes but lazy eyes run down my side of the family the child health nurse suggested i take her to the eye doctor and get it seen to so i am going to do that now the reason i have waited so long is cause i know when they are really little there eyes do go abit funny sometimes. but the health nurse also said it could have something to do with her nose cause it is quite broad but i aint very concerened cause a few people in my family have a lazy eye.
is there a history in your family? anyway hope all goes well i will let you know how i go. seeya
Hi Maryt,
At 8 months we went to see the health nurse and she said one of Jacks eyes was lazy. she did say not to worry too much untill he was about 1. She did show me some exercises you can do with them.
He seems fine now. But I am due back to see the health nurse.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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