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baby physio?? Lock Rss

Hi all, I have just been referred to a bub physioist(sp?) as my 7 month old DD will not attempt to sit or roll and is very stiff.
I was just wondering if any of you have had to go to one before and could tell me what to expect?

I first took my DD to a pediatric physio when she was
2 months old as she had torticollis (stiff neck). She showed me some excercises to do with her at home and i have to say over a few months really helped her. I also found that massaging her neck really helped to loosen up the muscles. She is almost 9 months and only just started sitting up (about 3 weeks ago) unsupported. Her torticollis is finally gone!!!

Let me know how you go!!


I have a 7 1/2 month old and I have been seeing a physio for him for a few months because of his flat head shape.He has also struggled to have tummy time and always wants to stand rather than sit and is quite stiff also. He has just started rolling in the last couple of weeks - and is starting to get the hang of sitting.
The physio was really helpful, reassured me and gave me lots of good ideas of how to help him and exercises to do. It took a while for my little boy to catch on though, but he's getting there now. We have follow up appts every 5 weeks. Don't worry too much - I found the whole thing great, even though I was very worried at first.
Hi, we have a 4 mnth baby girl sleeps on left side and has a flat head, also she would not turn to her right for any playful activities and has been like this since day 1. Can you advise me of the contact of your baby physio in NSW please. I'm in the Liverpool area in Sydney. Thanks.
Don't worry and just go to the physicist. He will suggest some exercises and your baby will be perfectly alright. This stiffness is very common in this age and most of the children at the age of 2-9 months face this problem. Massaging is the best option as it relaxes and loosens the stiff muscles. So, go to the physicist without any fear, your baby will be perfectly alright within 2-3 months. Good luck.
Hi there. how are you? You may find many of them online. You can also make attempts with your baby yourself. Let him sit without any support but do have a hand behind him to not let him fall. I wish you all the best. Take care dear.
. Hi there, I don’t see any harm if your doctor suggests you to take your son to the Physio. As in my case, my youngest started crawling very late around 8-9 months but my doctors were hopeful after examining him and said that every child is different and that he is a healthy child otherwise so no need to worry. But if your doctor thinks that your child needs a physio treatment do go for it. There must be some reason for what your doctor advised you that.
Try not to stress and simply go to the physicist. He will propose a few activities and your infant will be flawlessly okay. This firmness is extremely normal in this age and the vast majority of the youngsters at the age of 2-9 months confront this issue. Kneading is the best choice as it unwinds and extricates the hardened muscles. Along these lines, go to the physicist with no dread, your infant will be impeccably okay inside 2-3 months. Good fortunes.
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