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Sleeping!! Lock Rss

Can anyone offer me some advice on sleeping habits.Alana was a great little sleeper sleeping from 7 to 9 hrs then the dreaded top 4 teeth all at once came since then I get up to her probably 2 to 3 times before she goes off properly.She has suffered wind pains from birth so is used to being nursed to sleep to be winded.That can get a little frustrating sometimes but what else do i do.I'm sorry but I'm not one to let her cry for 1hr or so to let her tire her self out I just can't do it.I think I lasted for about 10mins. and she had herself that worked up it took ages to settle her again.Is there an easier way????
Hi there,

My daughter stopped sleeping during the day from the age of 4 weeks. This lasted for two months of waking at 9 am and not sleeping at all until 1 am.(seriously.) At last though I found relief with Camomile tea. If your breast feedind have a cup a few hours before her last feed for bed. Or put some in her bottle. Believe me it works like a charm.
Good luck.
teething can be a pain, we try panadole, bonjela even sm33(stronger than bonjela) we also found a dream medicine called Pain Stop dayrime I found works a treat, if it's the teeth bothering her then try that adjust amount to suit, works with our 10 month old pain actually stops in 10 minutes. But if it's wind you can try Marina Infant Mixture, ita great bringing up there wind, we mainly bought it when our son had colic and we still use it, before every breatfeed or bottle, I wish we had known about it when our daughter had reflux, the mixture is for colic,reflux and wind, you can buy them both at the chemist. But I don't beleive in letting them scream for 1 hour, it's obviously something wrong, we found our first gave up easily with controlled crying but our son just doesn't give up but I found once nothing was wrong with him he settled really easy, a quick cuddle and he was fine, so good luck!

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Hi Sarah,

How much Camomile tea do you give your baby? How diluted does it need to be for an 8 month old?

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