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distructive child at 5 1/2months Lock Rss

hi all, i posted this in the wrong spot before (SORRY) re-posting it here:
my boy is becoming distructive (well what i would call distructive behaviour) Every day if we leave him in the cot for too long he rolls around enough to get right to the edge and pull at the cot bumpers and play with them (im scared he will choke on the ties so i have removed them now)
The play gym that they lay under, he has a normal one and a tunnel one. with the tunnel when he is under it he kicks it and pushes it over until there is nothing for him to play with any more and he has a cry. With the normal "stand" play gym he rolls over to his side and bites/sucks on the bars then manages some how to tip it over.
And lastly - today while in the high chair i put this clown toy infront of him and he was having a bit of a play with it then he picked this clown up and literally threw it at the floor! I couldnt believe my eyes because it is a heavy toy.
Is this child bored? or is he going through a stage... he cant sit by him self yet, and he cant crawl yet - im hoping when he can do these things he wont be like this. what to do??? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Your right is is likely just frustration. His little mind is obviuosly way to advanced for all of his little muscles which just arn't quite strong or co-ord enough to sit and crawl. We have what I describe as seek and destroy missions. It involves Akina escaping and finding something really interesting and trying to destroy it before mum realises what you are up to. This is especially fun in shops.
He will just be exploring, chucking things on the floor is lots of fun and part of their mental development - trying to figure out where it went and then anticipating where it will fall and mums reaction to that particular item, esp. food. Try some new simple toys or help him sit up and play with his toys or give him some paper to rip to bits, they seem to like that. Just watch how much he gets in his mouth he may not be able to spit it out yet. It may pass but more likely will just change into new things to destroy as time passes and he can move around more. Enjoy it, just keep the valuables out of reach!


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