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Whats your 4mth old doing?? Lock Rss

Hi all, Id love to compare what other little 4mth olds are up to.

My Jesse has come a long way in the last week, he started rolling from back to front, cut his 1st tooth (no 2 wont be long), he started farex which he loves, and he now sleepes in his own room(which was the hardest for me).

He loves to squeel but hasnt got the real belly laugh down yet, and he loves to grab anything i put in front of him. And he is very cheeky he can be screaming one minute and as soon as you pick him up hes ready to laugh at you.

Let me know what your little ones are up to.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

Hey bubajesse

my baby girl is 15 weeks so not to far off, she isnt doing to much yet, she has just started to look up behind her which is a huge thing, i guess she remember sthats where we are, i dont really want to put her in her own room yet, even though i have spent hunreds and hundreds on the most beatiful baby girl room, i just cant bring myself to do it, im sure she would be fine im just a big wose. no teeth yet although the dribbling and hot red checks suggest not to far off, and she has been eating veges for a few weeks now and loves them. Laughing and smiling and just learnt to gag herself withthe fingers down the throat!! yuk.

love to hear how every one else is going!

Colleen, Redcliff,Ashlyn born 10.04.05

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