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Infant size nappies Lock Rss

Hi, I'm mum to a 5yo girl and 12week baby girl.

For my 5yo I used babylove nappies and never had a problem. I also used cosifits and target daytime nappies with no problem. At the time all these brands had little pictures that faded/ran as the nappy got wetter. This was a great help to me as a brand new mum.

This time I have had help in a different way. I received several boxes and a couple of bags of Huggies newborn nappies as gifts and I have not needed to buy nappies since my baby was born.

Due to this I became an avid Huggies Lover.... however I have found that as my baby grew out of Huggies newborn size nappies that she was not big enough to go into the next size available in the box (90 nappies) which is Crawler size.

There is an Infant size available in bags (48 nappies) but that works out so much more expensive.

New born size only fit my baby for two months but Infant Size should fit my baby for at least 6 months based on QLD gov's avg growth charts (during which time she will also start to fit into crawlers).

It is frustrating me so much that Huggies do not supply their Infant size nappies to any supermarket or discount variety stores, although they are aware that their is a demand for them, and they do supply Mums Happy Nappies who charge a whopping price of approx $45 compared to the $30-$35 price the supermarkets charge for the boxes of newborn and crawler sizes. (the increase in cost probably covers their "free" delivery.

I have recently found out that Babylove have acted on my needs and they have an infant size available in a jumbo box from Big W for around $30-$35.

I'm really stressed out about all this because although I swear I'd nevr use Huggies I have found them to be really good but I can't justify paying so much extra when BabyLove are available at the shops.

Has anyone else felt like this and if so what did you do?

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

Ok so your baby is obviosluy just over 5kgs? to be out of the newborn size?
The crawler starts at 6kgs so just pull the tabs tighter around her waist.

I personally find the infant size a waste of time anyway i think i bought one pack but then went straight onto the crawler

my son is just on 10kgs and i have him in the 13kgs nappies.

you shouldn't have a problem with fitting her in the crawler size
good luck
PS dont forget to keep all your barcodes

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

my son is 12 weeks old and just moved out of newborn because they were to short and he was leaking out the top.

i didn't realise that huggies didn't stock infant untill talking to my sister who son is now 7 years old.

I now use the babylove in infant they are easy to find in the supermarket and i find them to work well. but has anyone eles noticed they seem to smell?

i would be happy to use the huggies if they were avalible in a box. don't they see how many customers they are losing?

mum to ryan 10-05-05

Hi,when my baby was in infant size(which was from birth as she was 5kg born)I got HUGGIES INFANT SIZE boxes at Babies Galore,they are in a different box to the ones in the supermarket,so maybe you could ring around the babY stores or even a nappy delivery service and they may be able to help you out.

I waited till they went on special for about $17.50 a pack - 2 equals what a box would be. Then they cost about the same as a box on special. They used to come on every 4 or so weeks, so I would just stock up to last till next time.

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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