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babys age Lock Rss

hi just a quick question how many people count there babys age by weeks.i have been told to different ways of counting there age either by the birthdate or by the weeks what do yous reckon.

ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

I counted Ethans age in weeks up until he was 16 weeks now I just say 4 months.

I think it is up to the individual.


Im the same i went by weeks till i lost count and went by months i dont even know how many weeks old he is now lol he was born feb 26 and is just over 5 months old.As for my daughter i now say she will be 3 in november as she is no longer 2 and a half nor is she 3 yet so instead of saying 32 months i say almost 3.
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