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Lactose Intolerance Lock Rss

HI My 9 month old baby has been unhappy his whole life. First we were told it was 'silent reflux' then told he also had hayfever and prescibed medicine. However on a recent clinic visit we were told he more than likely is lactose intolerant. Since we have cut out all dairy foods and noticed a remarkable change. I am concerned about lack of calcium though and would like to know if any one else has children with this problem. Thanks

My little boy was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant from 5 1/2 weeks or it could just be an overload of lactose.

He is 14 weeks now and has been on Milk based but lactose free formula which has calcium in it.

If your baby was diagnosed by a doctor, you can get an authoritive prescription and get 5 tins for the price of 1.

We were told that when he turns 1 to try and introduce milk but it could take up to 2 years before he will be able to handle milk on its own. The Paed. told us that things made with milk eg. biscuits etc is okay to give to him when he is old enough to start having solids.

Kat xx

Hi my daughter is also lactose intolerent, we put her on infasoy formula and it has calcium added to it so she gets enouhg, she is almost 1 and we are going to have to use the infasoy formula for about another year as she cant drink cows milk.
She can now have some dairy food in small quantities but gets patches of eczma and nappy rash when she does, but she is getting better and hopefully will grow out of it soon.
She also suffered from reflux and was on Losec for about a month.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

My daughter is lactose intolerance, and thhe formulas with calcium in are good, I was assured by my doctor and health nurse that she would be getting enough from her vegetables. Hope that this reassures you or helps, maybe ask your doctor to rest your mmind at ease (and double check, you never know with doctors these days!!!!)


Jasmine, 8 months

my son had a similar problem he was lactose and soy intolerant he was diagnosed by a doctor and given a perscription formula which made a huge difference and there was no need for any sort of supplument as it has all the things needed

bec NSW mum of 3

i didn't discover that my son was lactose intollerant untill he went to go on to cows milk the doctor told me to put him back onto soy formula and we did for 3 months and now he just drinks soy milk which is not cheap. i found that most supermarket chains have a home brand soy milk as well which is usually 60cents cheaper than the branded products. I have just started to introduce my son back to cows milk on advice by my doctor as some children do grow out of this problem we are currently mixing soy and fresh cows milk together for him and so far are having no problems. soy milk has calcium in it so it is just as good as cows milk if you are still concerned you can buy alot of foods that have added calcium my boys both drink watered down orange juice that has added calcium and i buy mighty white bread with added calcium and my kids love it.
My daughter has a milk protein allergy (amongst other allergies) so I know your concern with the lack of calcium. Are you still breastfeeding? If so then you should cut dairy out of your diet as well. If not, then whatever formula you use will be fortified with calcium. Be careful of any other foods - such as bread and cereals - that have added calcium in them as most of them contain some form of milk. You might find that your little man can cope with the small amounts you find in these foods, but just be aware. My daughter absolutely loves soy yogurt (the only brand that does not have any dairy in it is "alive"), soy cheese (the only brand that doesn't use caesin is Tofutti and it comes in handy slices) and there is also a soy cream cheese - again Tofutti. And dried apricots also contain calcium! Your son is old enough to have things like white sauce made with milk free margerine and soy milk and custard powder doesn't have lactose in it so you can make custard with soy milk - the vanilla soy milk works best for this.

Any more questions you may have, please email me at [email protected]

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

Some people with lactose intolerance can actually handle a little bit of cows milk with no problems, it takes trial and error to find out jsut how much they can handle. I can vary from a quarter of a cup upwards.

YOu can make your own snakcs too using soy instead of cows milk.

My now 5 year old went through a period of temporary lactose intolerance when he was about 2. Oh the joys that was.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

My little girl is also lactose intolerant. It was only picked up when she was 10 weeks old & now shes 12 weeks old. Shes on karicare de-lact & this has worked well for her. No more constipation & wind problems which is great. You get 5 tins on script for around $6.00 concession which is great. The formula works great & has everything in it that baby needs except is lactose free. Hope your baby is happy & healthy now.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi just wanted to know if your baby is Lactose Intolerance were they constipated before being put on the Soy formula. My daughter is 10 months now and has been badly constipated since 4 months old (since started the bottle), i have been to that many doctors and they all say its nothing to do with the formula, but i think it is, they keep puting her on laxitives and enemas, but none of them work but when i mentioned the formula they say its got nothing to do with it. Any ideas??
Hi Tesa,

Yes my baby was constipated from birth. It was never mentioned by her pediatrician about being lactose intolerant either. i tried prune juice, fresh orange juice, plenty of water, massage, & nothing worked. Sometimes it can be caused from too much iron. There is alot in formula, especially the gold ones. My pharmicist suggested she may be lactose intolant & to try lactose free formula. It wont hurt them if they arent lactose intolerant. She used it for about a week until the constipation fully was gone. I noticed a huge decrease in her wind a few days after starting her on it. She's on Karicare De-Lact & its great. If you do try her on it & it agrees with her you can then get a script for it from your doctor. I got 5 tins for $4.60 concession. I say go with your gut feeling. If you think it's from the formula, try a different one. Shanaye was on karicare gold which is whey based so i put her on the same brand lactose free coz it was also whey based & doctors recommend it. If the formula shes on is soy based though i'd keep her on soy based lactose free. That's just my opinion. I wasnt getting answers from the doctors either. It may just be the brand of formula she is on. Try different brands. It takes about a week for baby to adjust after changing formulas. Maybe even get the sample packs so you dont go through a lot of money finding the right formula. I hope i have helped you. But like i said, this is just my opinion & what has worked for me. You may need to get medical advice. I know what you're going through. It's hard to watch babies go through constipation. Good luck.
Hope this helps.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni-lea thanks for your reply, we are going to give it a try, sick of doctors and all the laxitives they say to give her and they don't help. As you said it won't hurt her if she isn't lactose intolerent, but if she is and it helps her then we can stop the laxitives, which they keep saying may lead to dependence but they keep giving them to her. Will let you know how it goes.
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