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Lactose Intolerance Rss

I hope it all works out well for your daughter. Yes let me know how it goes. I'm sick of doctors too. One doctor told me to use fresh orange juice & another told me not to coz bubs kidneys & tummy are too young to digest the acid. Not one of them can tell you the same thing. In the end, you know what's best for your baby. Good luck.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi, my daughter(now 2) had severe ruflux and colic from about 3 weeks. I tried all different formulas and ped kept telling me that she would just outgrow it. When she was 7 weeks she got a bacteria infecton in her blood and was in hospital for for 3 weeks, and they told me that the reflux was due to her being lactose intolorent and to chage to a lactose free formula, so I persisted with this for 4 weeks to no avail. I rang my mum, tearing my hair out as I had no probs with my son, and she suggested putting her on a goats milk formula, whick Karicare make. Problem solved, the reflux stopped and the colic and a very happy baby, but still getting the calcuim through her milk. Maybe worth a try.

If you would like to e-mail me my e-mail is

Hope all goes well

Hi Jenni-lea, just thought i would let you know that the Karicare-Delact formula works great, she has had no more constipation and she is back to being a happy baby. I had a peaditrition appointment a couple of days after we put her on the formula and when i told him he laughed at me and said that it has nothing to do with the formula and that formula wouldn't fix her constipation, but we don't care it did and she is happy. thanks for letting us know about it. Oh yeah about a week after putting her on the formula and the constipation was cleared up she come down with chicken poxs.
Hi Tesa
I'm glad your baby is good now. De-lact has been great for me. The pead was the same with me too. Don't worry about them. In the end we know what's best for our baby's. Chicken pox, the poor little thing. If it's not one thing it's another. Hope she's good now. Did you know you can get the formula on a script from the doctor? it saves you alot of money.
I'm glad i could help you.

Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni-lea,
Just wanted to know if your daughter is still going alright on the Delact formula. My daughter has got the constipation back again. It started a few days before her 1st birthday and on her birthday she was so upset the whole day. I have spoken to the doctors and they don't seem to want to know. Its so frustrating!
Hi Tesa

Yes my daughter is going great on the de-lact formula. She hasn't had a problem with constipation since starting it which is great.
I hope your daughter is better now. That's a shame that she couldn't really enjoy her 1st birthday. Poor little darlin.
I had the same problems with doctors & yes it is very frustrating. You will know in your heart what to do.
I'm so glad I started Shanaye on karicare de-lact. It's so hard watching them go through constipation & you feel so helpless coz you can't do anything for them. I had a hard time with the doctors. They laughed at me & said it wasn't caused from the formula & it was a common thing. It was suggested to me to try de-lact by another mum so I did. I tried everything so thought i'd give it a go. It's worked for me & I have told others to try it & they have all had great results too.
I hope your daughter is ok.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni-Lea, thanks for your reply, My daughter is still not good. We are at a loss on what to do. We have been back to the doctors and they said to change her diet. So we done that and still no change. I know what you mean it is so hard watching them while they are constipated, my fiancee has to walk away when she is screaming so bad with it, he can't handle to see her like it. So its back to the doctors again this week. Don't know what else they can do (even though they have done nothing yet).
Hi Liz,

Sorry to hear about your baby girl. I know what you are going through. I suggest to give de-lact a try. It worked for Shanaye & hopefully it will work for you too. You can get it on prescription if you get it from a doctor. If you do try it you may not see an improvement for 1 to 2 weeks until her body has adjusted to the formula. It worked for Shanaye pretty much straight away. You can find karicare de-lact at most chemists. Doctors are hopeless.
Also have you heard of prune juice? it's best making it yourself. You boil about 6 fresh prunes in some water & give baby about 1 teaspoon at first. Then you can increase it to 2 to 3 teaspoons. This is all from memory though ( & I have a bad memory hahaha) so i'll pull out Shanaye's medical record book soon & have a look. I'll post again soon to tell you the correct method & measurements.
I really hope your daughter gets better soon, for her sake & also for yours.


Jenni, mum of Shanaye born 13-11-2004.

Hi Jenni & Liz,

I have read all your posts. I was and still am in the same situation. Emily (now 2) had constipation her whole 'bottle life' and NO doctors told me to change her formula just to give these special drops to help her poo and to try and change what she was eating. NONE of this worked.

It has really traumatised her as she has in her head now that it really hurts every time she poos and to this day still holds her poo in until it basically forces itself out - they are that BIG and HARD it has torn her little bottom.

Kayla (9months now) i started her on the same formula as Emily was on (S26) and she too started to get constipated so after reading some information (from this website of posts of other mothers) i changed her formula to karicare 'from birth' and this made a HUGE difference. When she turned 6months i started to buy Karicare 'from 6months'and the problems started all over again. I have tried about 3 other brands of both 'from brith' and 'from 6 months' and none seem to help, only Karicare 'from birth' seems to get her regular again BUT i am worried that she is not getting all the nutrients that she should be getting from the 'from 6month' formulas.

Kayla has a needle next week so I am going to bring this up and i am going to ask my doctor for a script (did not know you could do that??) for a lactose free and see if that helps.

I really feel for you as Emily used to bring me to tears just watching her in pain. We did end up seeing a specialist at the hospital and basically he was not interested at all, just made us buy this medicine which is meant to help it slide out better.
She was on this for about 6-8months then we slowly took her off it. Her now being 2 can understand a bit more and it starting to let her poos come out.

Hope you situation is fixed asap.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

Hi, Brooke81,

Thanks for your reply. It is so hard to see them in so much pain. We ended up at the Childrens Hospital yesterday, she was so bad in the morning. It took 1 &1/2 to pass a poo and after it finally come out alot of blood followed it, which freaked me out. We took her to the GP to begin with and he sent us to the Children's Hospital after seeing how much blood there was and the fact that she was still bleeding. They did an adominal xray which showed there is alot of poo's in her bowl which she can't pass. So for the next 10 days we have to give her an enema every second day to try and move it out ( which she screams with, i would too) then its back to the Hospital to see if it is moving. So will see how things go. We gave her an enema tonight and nothing so far but alot of screaming and straining. Will let you's no how things go.
Oh poor little thing, it is so hard seeing them in pain. Emily was given enema's, we had to give them every day for a week or so, she HATED them, screamed, me and my husband found it hard to hold her still to be able to do it. Good luck and I hope things start moving.
Let us know how she progresses.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08


melissa,sydney,mum to jakob,4, & cameron,1

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