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when do babies normally get teeth? Lock Rss

my little bundle of joy is now 8 months going onto 9 and still has no teeth at all and nothing to show signs of them erupting any time soon, is this normal or not. he gets into these biting fits but then after a day or so...nothing and i am wondering whether it has something i wasn't eating while i was pregnant or whether it is just my baby. i am very concerned about it.

jayden, qld, 1 yr boy

Please,please don't get worried or think that it was something that you didn't eat while pregnant. My first one didn't get any until he was nearly 10months then it was 2 or 3 at once.If you are really worried just ring a dentist sounds strange to ring them but they are the best ones that know about teeth.But they say the longer they have their first teeth the better.Just be patient it will happen.Every baby is different in every aspect.I hope this gives you a little bit of relief.Happy teething

LittleSasa,SA girl

Dear mamma bear,
All babies are different and will develop at different stages.
My sisters baby did not get her first teeth until she was 13 months!
You did nothing wrong and still do nothing wrong.
Nature has a mind of her own and the development of what the baby will do when is really beyond our control.

Jungle baby

mamma bear,don't panicck to's nothing that you've done.although my little girl's teeth started at 4months,having different discussions with people they have all said that the longer the teeth stay in the gums the stronger they are and heaps of different people have told me that.please don't blame yourself.
i have a nine month old girl who also has no teeth she gets into screaming tantrums because of the pain but i dont worry to much i have a friend whos son didnt get teeth until he was 11 months old.
they say the older they are when they get them the stronger thier teeth are so i wouldnt worry to much just put some bonjela on his gums and he should be fine
Don't worry they will come in their own time. My daughter didn't get her first tooth until she was 14mths old, she's now 17mths and still only has three teeth.

amanda, QLD, 18 months girl

Hello, both my daughter(5 now) and my son(2 now) got their first tooth at 7 months, but my newest addition is 9 months old and is still a gummy bear, oh well they will come when they are ready. She ended up crawling quicker than the other 2, my besr friends children (3) all got their first tooth at 4 months.


BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

Mamma Bear, please don't stress. My first didn't get her first tooth until 2 days before her first birthday. My second (now 7 months) has no teeth and is showing no signs. Apparently genetics has something to do with it. If you or daddy bear were late teethers, chances are the baby bears will be too. I know it can be worrying when all other babies are getting teeth and yours is not (I spoke to a dentist a few times about it), but it really is nothing to be concerned with. Once they start teething, (gumming everything, crying and nappy rash) you'll wish they weren't!

Bindi, WA, mum of two

Akina has in the last few weeks has had both the bottom and top two teeth breaking thru. She is 13 months now. She actually got the top one first then a bottom and now the other top and bottom are coming thru at the same time. You can see all the others lined up ready to break through. I miss her gummy smile. Those front teeth don't do much anyway all decoration, until they get some chewing teeth at the back anyway!!


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