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Eyesight in babies Lock Rss

Hi there
Maybe Im just worried about nothing but Ive been a little concerned about my daughters eyes and today I took her for her 3 month check up with the peadatrician. He checked her eyes and said he was a little concerned too. She doesnt track objects or fix on things. She can definately distinguish with light and darkness and squints in the sun or becomes unsettled if the sun is in her eyes and calsm once turned away from the sun. However he is still concerned that she is not focusing as to what should be. Her pupils became bigger and smaller whilst he put a torch near her eyes and he also said looking into her eyes with some special light thing he had he could not see anything to say she had a problem, she obviously has some vision but as to how much he did not know. She also favours turning her head to one side which makes me wonder if one eye is stronger then the other. They say she may just slow eyesight development as this can happen and around 5 months she maybe normal or she may have impaired vision.

Some days she seems to be looking at me whilst feeding and I have often thought she has watched leaves on trees and things we have out in front of her but now I am starting to wonder if she has at all.

We are to take her to a childs eye specialist tomorrow then to have an ultrasound on her head and brain to try and see what the problem is.

Mollie is 13 weeks old and was born at 39 weeks so she wasnt really premmie or anything. The Dr told us today that everything else seems pefect with her, muscle tone etc is perfect.

As you can imagine I am so worried about my little girl. I hoep she isnt blind and all is okay.

If anyone else out there has had the same problem or anyone can tell me how their baby's eyesight development is around the same age please respond. I would love to hear from you.

Emma with 10monthold daughter Mollie

Hi Emma
I dont have a problem with bub's sight,I just wanted to no how little Mollie(what a beautiful name)went with her test,I hope you are getting some answers & I hope they are positive one's,Try not to worry to much(which is easier said then done)My thoughts are with you & i hope everything comes up fine!!!
Take Care Emma & well wishes to Mollie
Nikki & Lilla

surely the doctor would have told you if it was something serious and if you should be worried!?
you will just have to wait and see, but i doubt by the sounds of it she would be blind. But i hope she has the same thing happend to her as what bandaid said happend with her little boy!

Good luck

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi emmar,

hope all went well with Mollie's test. I have a 3month old baby too and i am concern in a way. i put objects in her face and click my fingers and she doesn't react in anyway. I know that i wear classes cause of my dad (and working on a computer all day) but i might take her to my peadatrician and see if all is well.

hugs for you and Mollie.

I will let you know what happens smile

Maryann, NSW, Isabella 01/06/05, Dante 19/10/2008

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