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hi there,
my name is hayley & i live in sa with my husband of 3 years & our son who is 9mths (10/04)

I am looking for other mums any where any age, etc, to talk too on a regular basis. well as regular as we can be with kids!!! lol

i am a fairly out-going & chatty person who loves life. i enjoy taking photos & home-movies, crafts including quilting & scrapbooking, cooking-even though i'm not really any good. i like reading, walking & shopping.

my path along motherhood so far has been a little tough. i had a great pregnancy with all the normal niggles like morning sickness & low blood pressure, & had a great labour & birth which i can say that i honestly enjoyed! the first four weeks of our son's life was great, then he developed severe gastro-reflux. that is another story in itself. as a result of this we had a few sleep issues which we are still working through. things seem to work then it all turns upside down & we're back at square 1.

i develped post natal depression at around 12wks, although i didn't admit to myself that i had it until a stay at a Torrens House in adelaide (like tresilan or karitane) where i had a talk with a nurse & counsellor. i went onto 1/4 dose of medication for 7 weeks then i came off & have been fine ever since. it's amazing emerging from the fog & looking back.

i love motherhood, & have all along but i will not deny it hasn't been without some real tough hurdles & mountains to climb.

we are TTC buba no.2 at the moment.

anyway i better stop or i'll probably block up the boards if i keep rambling, which i am well-known for doing!

hope to hear from some-one soon.

SA mum to Ben (10/04) Rianan (7/06) #3 due 14 dec

Hi Hayley

I'm Mum to a 9 month old baby boy(born30/10/04) Will and I live in country NSW.

I had a pretty crappy pregnancy with Will- morning sickness, low blood pressure and really bad fluid retention. I looked like a whale at the end and was so glad when he was born. Unlike you I had a horrendously fast and furious labour and swore he'd be an only child. How wrong was I? I'm 17 weeks pregnant!!

I struggled with PND after his birth as well but am totally fine now. Getting him into a routine really helped me recover because there was times during the day I knew I would get a break.

Like you I'm loving motherhood but there are days that are trying to say the least. I love to read too. The last book I finished was the new Harry Potter. It was excellent!!!

Joh, Will's mum

Hi Hchety ! I grew up in S.A (Noarlunga) but currently living in Canberra. I'm always up for a chat (fellow rambler) so feel free to drop me a line any-time. Reflux sucks ! My little one has relfux, but not as bad as yours by the sound of it. I posted a thread about hoarse voice from reflux in the voice box with no reply so far. I'm really interested in hearing more about your experience. Motherhood is certainly different, I found no book or advice could really prepare you for it. Here is my e-mail if you prefer to chat directly: [email protected]

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi my name is Nici, i live on the sunshine coast at QLD, Im a first time mum he is 5 Months old and his name is Nate. He also has bad reflux he has had so many tests to see whether is his going to grow out of it but at the moment there is no sign of that happening. My pregnancy was horrible i had really bad morning sickness the whole way through, it felt as though i was pregnate for ever.

motherhood has been tough, iv had and still have sleep issues with my son. but i still would not give it up for the world.

but i would love to chat to anyone who is interested my e-mail address is
[email protected]

would love to here from anyone..
Take Care talk soon smile

Nici Qld 6 Month old baby boy Nate!!!

HI my name is Sarah, I have two boys. Rohan turned 3 (23/8/02) the other day and Toby is almost 10 months (1/11/04).

I also live in SA, Mount Gambier. Where in SA are you?

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

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