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Should i be concerned if my baby isn't drinking the recommended amount???? Lock Rss

Hi, i have a 3 month old, and i'm bottle feeding. The dosage the formula says my baby should be feeding is 180ml. But my bub is only feeding 120ml sometimes 140ml.
Should i be concerned?
My boy Jakob is now 4months and rarely does he drink the recommended amount. I started Jakob on solids 2 weeks ago because he just wasnt enjoying his formula so now he drinks 150ml each feed and has solids 2 times a day. Not all babies are the same and as long as he isnt feeding every 2 hours then im sure he is a happy bub.
Hi, thanks for your response...
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How often does bub poo and wee? This is a great indication that they are getting enough. If there is no sign of constipation and lots of wet naps then your bub is probably getting what they need. made feel better...i was a little
dont be worried, my girl is 11wks and 3days old and has anywhere between 130mls and 180mls i was told the formula tin is only a guide it also says your baby may need more or less, so dont worry.
Hi, my first baby did this after a period of drinking the recommended amount, and we panicked thinking reflux or something and tried hard to get her to drink more! Of course, she wasn't happy about that! After going to a couple of different doctors, one doctor gave her a check, weighed her and said leave the girl alone!!! She doesn't want it! So with our second, if she is settled, sleeping, wet/pooey nappies, then we do leave her alone! Good luck!
When my DD was 3-4months old she never drank any more than 100 ml per bottle. Don't worry, if bub wanted more they would let you know, if they are happy and sleeping fine- obviously they are getting enough to eat! Good luck
my DD is now 8 weeks old and over the last week or so has cut back on how much formula she has. I was starting to worry a bit. She is definately having plenty of bowel motions, so after reading all the above comments, I feel much more relieved.

Thaks Guys smile

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

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