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Yay first tooth. Lock Rss

Morning all,
I am so happy monique has just cut her first tooth no wonder she has been so grizzly. Its weird as tayla was born with her 2 bottom teeth so i didnt have to put up with her grizzling as much.Hopefully monique wont be as grizzly cutting the next one.
Well can only hope lol.Anyway thats my news for the day.
Have a great day and take care

thats great!!! smile peter doesnt have ant yet ! its olny a matter of time... r u for real ? was tayla really born with her 2 bottom teeth? wow! i havent seen that b4 i cant get over it! i didnt have my 1st tooth till i was 2 years old!lol or hair

mum of peter 25/12/04

That is amazing! Was it the top tooth that came out? R u putting anything on the gums to help soothe monique?
Hi Mel,
I'm in the same boat. My girl is a wopping 13 months old and only just cut her first tooth on Monday. And of all teeth, it is a molar! She also now has a bottom front one just through. I was wondering why she was so grumpy in the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping that they all come thru at once now, seeing as she is older than the average teething bub! And then hopefully only a few weeks of sleepless nights! I have been using bonjela on her gums, but must admit to giving her a dose of panadol at night time to help her sleep. Hope Monique has a better time next tooth, take care,

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