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Hi my little girl has really blue eyes and I am hoping they stay that way. She is 8 months tomorrow. Does anyone know up to what age a babies eyes can change color?

I think it's a year (not sure though) but I found that my kids kept whatever eye colour they had from about 6 months.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I heard it was 6 months. My daughter also has beautiful blue eyes and she is 9 months, her dad and I both have hazel eyes. Imagine our suprise to have a blue eye beauty!!! My mum was the only one in immediate family with blue eyes.
Hey Nicole, you wrote that they are really blue, so don't worry they won't change. You can usually tell if they are gonna change because within the blue iris there would be specs of brown present. My son's nearly 22 months and he had really dark blue eyes at the start and they have slowly gone lighter, but still blue!

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my son cooper has really blue eyes and people forever comment on them but i am hazel and my husband is brown and there is no blue in either sides of the families so i love it that he is different.

Rebecca,NSW,5mth Baby

My daughter has just turned 3, her eyes change colour on a regular basis from blue to green. I had a friend whos eyes did the same when they were in their 20's so my guess is that Annas eyes are gonna stay this way.
Her dad and myself both have brown eyes.

Anna 25/8/02, Joshua 27/4/05

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