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6 1/2 Month old not rolling over yet! Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing their 6 month old + not rolling over from back to tummy. My DD will roll from her tummy onto her back, but not the other way. Would be interested to know if and when other babies might have rolled over and if I should be worried?
No don't be worried, as long as you know she's developing these skills steadily, DD will do it when she's ready...

My DD is now 8 months and can roll both ways, sit up unaided, stand on her feet really well with my help etc, except she can't crawl yet.

Just give her plenty of tummy time and exercise to help strengthen her muscles. Even if she grizzles a bit, let her go.

Also, i found it helped a lot when i made a big deal out of it, like clapping and saying 'yay' every time she accomplished something - she loved it...

Lara''''''''s proud mummy (",)

Our ds rolled back to front first and now at 7 months he has just started to roll from tummy to back, but only on one side. We also make a big deal out of it when he does it. We started by helping him. He has never been one that likes to be on his tummy so when he was lying on his back dh would gentle push his knees (when is legs were in the air) to one side which would half roll him over and say roll over. Ds thought it was a game and just giggled but in the end he got the hang of it and rolled by himself.

shyone, ds1 09/02/07, ds2 13/02/09 nsw

I wouldnt worry. My 8mth old has just learnt to poll. She has a cubby belly and we thought it was in the way LOL LOL.
They do when they are ready.

Just keep kissing him!!!!

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My son is 7 1/2 months and only rolls from tummy onto his back. Im waiting for him to go from back to tummy but Im sure he'll do it when he is ready.
I read not long ago (sorry don't remember where) that there is a large window for the normal time to roll - up to 9 months I think. My DD rolled for the first time at about 10 months!! I had been worried initially but then totally forgot about rolling as she started doing other things. Imagine my suprise when I walked into her room to find her in her cot and on her tummy! She did a few rolly pollies but seems to have forgotten about it now. She will never be one of those kids who use rolling as a form of transport.

She is 11 months now and is on the verge of crawling (I think). She sat up really early and after that it was hard to get her to have tummy time.
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