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Hi Dayna,

I hear you. I was intending to breastfeed Corey but after 5 days in hospital (due to a c-section) it did not work for me, but the nurses/midwife kept trying to make me breastfed. Which was hard as Corey didn't latch on properly & I didn't have any milk. So when we came home he went straight on the bottle

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

I thought I might add that the midwives at my hospital Sydney Southwest Private - did not push me to breastfeed. They tried to help me and when it did not work, we went straight to the bottle. Even when I booked in whilst I was pregnant they stated that it was my decision to bottle or breast feed - it did not matter to them. Its awful to hear that some midwives are so nasty.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Dayna

I was in the same position as you with my little boy!

I gave up breastfeeding when my son was about four weeks old he too was a hungry baby, we did try breastfeeding and formula but thought that would just confuse him so cut out the breastfeeding!

Do you know what annoys me the number of women that are obsessed with asking if your child is breast or bottle fed then when you say bottle they make you feel guilty!

does it really matter if your child is breast or bottle fed as long as they are happy and healthy!

I think if you can breastfeed great but why should those who are unable to feel guilty!

I had crying sessions cause I felt so guilty that I couldn't feed my son!

Did anyone else find the hospital there baby was at some of the midwives were sometimes down right rude about the whole breast feeding topic?



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi, I am still breastfeeding my 8&1/2 mth old dd, but I had a huge battle with the breastfeeding. The weird thing was she was my 4th baby and I had breastfed all the others. So even though I do breast feed I can fully appreciate why others aren't able to, or chose not to.

My first, a girl, I had a few difficulties with attachment for the first few days and we use to suppliement with a bottle for about the first 6 weeks as she was coliky and difficult to settle and I was not confident about my supply.

But the 2 boys fed like troupers, (I think boys are more greedy and go for it better, just my experience) and I didn't need to give them anything else.

Well, this my 4th, baby was my first c-section due to placenta previa, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but she just would not feed. She had both attachment problems and sucking problems. After about a week, her weight was still dropping and she ended up back in hospital and under the care of a paed. Even with formula she was very sleepy and had a very poor suck. She took 90 mins to down 60 ml at one stage!!! They did tests but couldn't find anything to account for it.

So I had to formula feed, or she would have died. But I couldn't give up on the breastfeeding, it just didn't gel with me after having fed 3 others. But as they say, you can lead a horse to water.... So I expressed, fed both the EBM and formula, (I hate expressing and have trouble getting a large amount, yet like I said previously had enough to satisfy my very hungry boys) and continued to attempt bf'ing with nipple shields, syringing formula to encorage feeding rah, rah, rah. It took me 6 weeks before she one day suddenly attached and began to feed at the breast. -??? I KNOW I would have given up if she had been my first, but having fed 3 before I stubbonly refused to give up, even though I knew the midwives considered her a lost cause. Actually I had set myself a date a couple of weeks after that where I was going to give up if she didn't take to it, because I just couldn't continue with it all, I still had 3 other children that needed me.

However, I didn't seem to be able to establish as good a supply and she still needed a couple of bottles a day. At 8 + mths she still has one or 2 bottles of formula a day. But she also gets 3-4 good breastfeeds.

My point is.... WHY does it have to be an either/or thing??????

I know they say they get confused, phewy, most will take it from wherever it comes. You just read my story of my last, (if you got this far), my first didn't refuse the breast after having a bottle, my friend both breastfed and bottle fed her twins, alternating which got what at each feed, as she had health problems and couldn't manage to breastfed both. Another friend gave hers a 5 o'clock bottle everyday, so she could contend with the witching hour and her other children.

So these 5 babies of the top of my head didn't get confused. I don't think they are special. I know how stressful breastfeeding can be if it doesn't go to plan, yet I know how enjoyable it can be if possible. Also it saves a bit of $$$ on formula, if you can still maintain the breastfeeding. I think if there are problems, rather than having a stressed mother and baby, give them a bottle, but don't necessarily give up the breastfeeding, unless you really have to.

And as for guilt, I'm quite sure it is our own guilt that plagues us the most. I was just so disappointed and felt guilty and useless that I couldn't feed this baby, no matter how much I would reason with myself about how I had feed 3 others, so it must be a problem with the baby and I was doing well for persisting as much as I did.

Even just the other day, I have a friend who has just had a baby and he is doing extremely well, fully breastfed. Regained birthweight in 3 days and put on about a kilo in 10 days!!!! Grrrr you know the ones you hear about that make you sick! wink Don't get me wrong I am really happy for her that her baby is doing so well, but her mother just in passing made the comment that, "she was such a good mother..." which made me immediately think, well I guess that means I must not be a good mother as my baby didn't put on weight well. Of course there was no way this lady meant that, she didn't even know my history, but just shows that even now a little thing can make you feed bad all over again. We are our own worst enemies. smile

Thankyou if you got this far,
Yes Melissa! I was hounded and pushed so hard by one nurse in particula!! She even made me stay in longer even though I said I wanted to go home!! The stress from all this didn't help the whole breastfeeding thing either!!

I found some where great but their were a couple that just seemed to have nothing better to do than hound me about breastfeeding.....I tried so much that my nipples were actually swollen, cracked, name was a nightmare!

I too cried so much because I couldn't breastfeed...I think a mother should not be pushed to that matter what, we have enough to deal with and recover from without that hassle!

Best wishes to you all

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Those midwives are so pushy with the breast feeding. I had one come over to my house to do a heel prick test because they lost the original test results. She said would you like to put him on the breast while I do this and I said he is not breast fed and she said "ok artificially fed". What a cheek! and I was too polite to say anything in my defence without making seen even in my own home. I wish I said something now.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

I agree with you. I had the same problem with my first son.I tried to brestfeed him but i couldn't last longer than two and a half weeks,and yes I felt very guilty for stopping and felt like a failure.
I couldnt sleep properly,wake up like a zombie in the morning,sore and uncomfortable boobs.So I put him on a bottle ,he slept better and I felt better.
But I still felt guilty because every one would tell me brestfeeding is better for the baby so I decided with my second one I will try really hard to brestfeeed.With my second baby now six months I did breastfeed longer only by two weeks.I felt worse then first time,more tired,more stressful,two kids to look after so I decided enough is enough i'm putting him on a botlle as well.I had a great support from my husband.And didn't care what other people said I felt happier and relaxed.So please do what you feell it's right for you and your family.I wish you lots of luck.

mother of two vic

Dear Dayna

I have just had my third little girl (Jaimee) and although I really wanted to breastfeed for as long as I could I had the same problem as you. She was a very hungry baby and wanted to be feed constantly between every 1 - 2hrs. We tried expressing and also giving her bottle as well as breast, which se didnt mind, but I felt that I was missing out on my other 2 girls (Jayde & Brooke) and felt that I couldn't do things with them and that Jaimee wasn't bonding with them. I decided to give up when Jaimee was 5 1/2 wks old, although I didn't consult anyone as I remembered with the other 2 that the big guilt trip was layed on me. Although now Jaimee is 7wks old I am feeling a little disappointed I gave up so early, I also still seem to have a little milk left. Does anyone think I could try again and maybe just give her a few feeds from me a day?
Thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated.

If you still have a little milk left you may be able to start breasfeeding again. Start stimulating by expressing and your milk may increase.

Good Luck!!


Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Thanks Dayna

Have started to feed again and although I don't have enough milk it seems to be coming back and my feelings of guilt are diminissing.

Thanks once again for your help. By the way how are things going for you?
Hi Nicola

Hope the breasfeeding is going ok and your milk supply is increasing. Please don't feel guilty if you decide not to continue with the BF, it doesn't make you a failure like many people will have you believe. It is much better for your baby to have a calm and happy mother and be bottle fed than a stressed out and unhappy mother if your having a hard time with breastfeeding.

My son is almost 5 1/2 months old and has been bottle fed since he was five weeks old and is a happy thriving little boy, which also means that I am a happy and stress free Mum.

Let me know how your going!!!


Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Hi Nicola,
Just thought I would mention a couple of herbal remedy's that might help with supply. One is Fenugreek, and Raspberry Leaf tea - tea or tablets. Also if you see your Dr he could prescribe Maxalon which is well known to help with supply. Also of course it helps to drink as much water as possible.
As I mentioned, I didn't get my 4th baby to sucessfully breast feed until 6 weeks. Although I did express in the meantime. Also rather than a hungry screaming baby, I also bottle fed top ups after a feed if necessary. (The breastfeeding advocates may say otherwise, as we have all heard that you just feed more to increase supply, but it isn't always that simple.) Let baby suckle as long as they/and you, are happy to.
Best wishes, and hey if it doesn't work, don't feel guilty, you have more than given it your best shot.
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