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Hey Karen

Thanks heaps for your reply. Have decided that I will just stick to the bottle as I was only getting milk in one breast, making it a little uncomfortable for me, not to mention looking rather lob sided, also my hubby wasn't overly supportive of the idea of me putting Jaimee back on the breast, he felt that she was thriving on the bottle and seems settled, so why change now. I do feel a little guilty more because of the fact that I could feed and had plenty of milk, but just didnt stick with it because she was feeding so regularly. I suppose the main thing is that Jaimee is happy and thriving and that my 2 older girls are not missing out on time with me or bonding with there sister as they too can feed her and they love it.

Thanks Again
I really think that people have a right to know the benefits of breastfeeding. It's not fair to expect research and studies of the effects of breastmilk to stop just because people are feeling guilty.

Some of this research could make or break someone's decision. It could be the deciding factor for a mother 'choosing' to breastfeed rather than bottle feed. There is no conspiracy. Researchers are not doing this to make people feel guilty, they are doing this so there is more information out there that is accurate and for the rights of mothers out there who 'truly' want a choice.

I was led to believe from the older generation that formula was just as good as breastmilk and if there was no information out there about the true benefits of breastfeeding plus education on how breastmilk works, so that we all don't get on the "I have no milk" bandwagon like our ancestors, then I would have chosen to bottlefeed because I was ignorant. Thank goodness there is accurant information out there now.

No one can *make* anyone feel guilty, this is an emotion that you create yourself. If you really and truly cannot breastfeed and you climbed every mountain, swam every river and still you can't do it then you don't have to feel guilty at all. Same goes to people who 'choose' formula over breast...if you are confident over your decision then stuff what everyone else says right?

You can't expect people to shut their mouths and not put information out there for people who want a fair choice just because you feel guilty. If you feel guilty then you need to sort that out within yourself, you have done the right thing for you and your baby...who cares what people think.

And for the record, formula feeders are not the only ones who cop attitude.

Sorry if I offend anyone but I personally can't see why we don't have a right to information on breastfeeding...wouldn't you like to make an 'informed' choice?

Desiree, Qld

This is such an interesting post. I recently found an article in a mothers magazine which I found very interesting. Here it is word for word:


The Federal Government is being lobbied to curb marketing acitivity by the infant formual industry. Formula makers are banned from advertising directly to the public and are also obliged to emphasise the benenfits of breadfeeding over botttle-feeding. Compliance is regulated by a voluntary code between six manufacturers and the Federal Government, and breaches are investigated by an advisory panel comprising industry and consumer representatives.
Breastfeed advocates, including the Australian Breastfeeding Association, say the regulatory system is ineffective and riddled with loopholes - such as pharmacies with their own brands of formula not being covered by the agreement - and they want to see tougher controls on formula manufacturers. The groups are suggestin that the advisory panel is ineffective because it cannot impose financial sanctions, and are pressing for legislation to curb the marketing activities of manufacturers.

Is it just me or does this say manufacturers of infant formula have volunteered to NOT advertise a product they have every right to advertise and furthermore to print on their products the benefits of breastmilk? What happened to freedom of speech?? Does this mean if there was any findings regarding formula feeding in a positive light then these would not be allowed to be published. It certainly would appear the manufacturers would not be able to due to the code of silence they agreed to. I think it is certainly food for thought. How is anyone to make an informed decision when only half of the facts are presented to you. If we are to be the judge and jury then I believe this would be a hung jury or a kangaroo court. Formula manufacturers do not have a chance in hell. Then you have to ask if the advisory panel could impose financial sanctions ($$$$$) who would benefit from this? Where would the money go- research into the benefits of infant formula- doubt it.
After reading all off the above posts I really can say that I agree with alot of things that are mentioned throughout. I mean yes if able to breast feed it is a very benefical thing for the baby and the mother and some breastfeeding mothers can cop the raw end of the deal when people look down upon them for feeding in public etc.

But Bottle feeding mothers do get a bad wrap I know at times I am made to feel guilty for not being able to breast feed and believe me I tried for 4wks to get the breast feeding on track but I physically could not do it the baby was getting stressed I was stressed and on the verge of depression thinking I was a bad mother because I couldn't provide enough for my baby to thrive. I was also in a lot of pain with mastitis, broken and cracked nipples (which happened very early on), thrush with in the nipples (infection came from my child)

So I went to formula and my baby and I have bonded well she has thrived over the last 10 wks of formula feeds, she is happier and I am more relaxed. But I see the disapproval in peoples eyes when they ask if I am feeding and I say no she is on formula so much so that I feel I have to justify my reasons why.

So I agree there should be less pressure on people to breast feed because it doesn't come naturally to all of us and we should all respect what people decide to do and not in anyway make anyone feel like they have failed. But we should also know all benefits or pros and cons of any feeding option before we decide and our decision to go breast/bottle is our right and noone should be judged for that. And noone should ever be made feel guilty in amyway.

Deb, Vic

I think these sanctions are put there to make sure that formula companies are manufacturing formula as an act of service for the community and not for any more profit than is necessary. The fear of letting the formula companies have 'free reign' in advertising is there because of the money they can make out if it and not necessarily because formula is better for babies.

To advertise a formula product, you would think, one would have to 'play up' the benefits of formula and how it is equal to breastmilk, giving mothers an incorrect notion that there are no difference so that more mothers would choose formula over breast. The only ulterior motive for advertising formula is for monetary gain ALONE, they do not have the well being of the community at heart, they only care about the money they will make.

Whereas to advertise one is gaining anything except the health and welbeing of infants (in general), No one is making money out of it.

For people who have problems breastfeeding then the only other option is formula...I don't think they would gain anything by advertising as it's the only option for babies who cannot breastfeed and for babies who's mother's choose formula, there is no other option so therefore no other reason to advertise other than making more money.

I'm glad there are laws around to stop the formula companies from swindling the public.

Desiree, Qld

Trust me, even though both mine had to be bottelfeed in the end...if I had it my way I would have bottlefed them right through! It's not just the guilt and pressure but the cost! We spend $20 per week just for the formula, of course, we would pay anything just so long as our bubs were feed but it's a bit too pricey I think!
I agree with the fact that yes they do need to advise mums and mums-to-be of the benefits of breastfeeding....we all need to know our options just in case....but I feel that there's just not enough infomation out there onformula feeding! I know I like to read up on all available options on whatever I am going to do, or buy!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I agree part of the reason I perservered with the breastfeeding and fortunately suceeded, was the cost of formula. Even now we go through about 1 tin, (almost $20) every 3 - 4 weeks and that seems bad enough. (I supliement with formula, see above post.)

I also have to agree that there is not much information available on formula. We just went with the one the hospital was using which was the S26 Gold. My friend told me the other day, when they decided to put their ds on the bottle, they went to the Chemist and asked the pharmacist what was the best formula. And all he would say was that a certain group in the community fed their babies on coke so anything would be better than that!!! What sort of a comment was that? So she just bought the most expensive one, hoping that meant it was the best.

We have stuck to the gold one because it has the added GLA's (essential fatty acids.) It is about $3 dearer, but how could you skimp on cost when it is your babies growth and development in question? What I can't understand is if these GLA's are better for development, why aren't they just in all formula's. It's almost like it doesn't matter for those babies development who's parents can't afford the dearer formula???

I do agree though that there needs to be restrictions on advertising formula, afterall they pretty much have a captive market and I still think breastfeeding needs promotion, but there could be more information available on formula's too, by some independant body.

BTW, I saw an add today, with a bloke eating his lunch sitting on a toilet. It said something like, "you wouldn't eat your lunch here, so why should babies." I thought it was quite good to try and get the message across about public breastfeeding.

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