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8 month old not liking the pram Lock Rss

my 8 month old little boy no longer wants to sit in his pram when i go out to the shops or for a walk. he lasts about 10 minutes before starting to scream and wont stop until i pick him up! any suggestions on getting him to sit in his pram without crying before i become housebound. he has toys to play with but he is not interested in them.

I have a 8mth old too and she started to do the same, so I give her a friut stick, She seems to be enjoying better. I kept taking her in it, I would do a quick walk around the block and each time made it longer.

She loves it now. When she crys I just stick my head around and say BO, playing peak-a-bo for a while and keep walking.

Good luck

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thanks, i will give it a try

my 8 month old has never liked the pram! it is faaaantastic, i last 10 minutes at the most and she screams. If i put her in a trolley, she is fine-so im guessing that it is because she cant see me. Im thinking of walking down the street with her in a trolley! im now looking for a reversibl stroller-not that i want three prams, hopefully this will work.

I had the same problem with my little girl when she was around 9 months (she's now 10 months). We put her in the shopping trolley instead and so far (fingers crossed) she seems to like that.
I've only ever used a pram for about a month why my DD was 7months.
We use a backpack, a sling and a wrap
This is much easyer than a chair you get to go places and shop with ease.
Babywearing is very cool
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