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Squealing Lock Rss

My 9 month old daughter squeals, growls like a dog or screames when she dont get her own way. When she does it i tell her to stop and try to walk away but she keeps doing. I gave her a small smack on her hand but she did it louder and i felt bad after i did it. Can some one please give me some ideas of how i can try and stop her doing it


hi Jestaa. I'm no expert but i have worked with kids for 5 years so i am happy to try and help. you canemail me if you like. [email protected] but just quickly, you need to ignore the bad behavior and reward the good. Use lots of praise when she isnt screaming then when she does scream ignore her. Go and have a coffee. come back every couple of minutes and see if she is ready for a cuddle if she stops give her big cuddles and praise. If she continues ignore her again. The key is to be persistant and always follow through. I have friend who constantly tell there 2 year old to stop being naughty or i'll take you home. Well they never take him home so he just keeps playing up, he knows they arent going to do what they say they will do.


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