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Teeth...any more? Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wondering how long it takes for more teeth to come up. Emily's first bottom 2 came in when she turned 7 months. Now at 11 months, there's still no sign of any more. I even took her to the dentist with me and he said they still don't look like they are coming yet. Everyone tells me they will probably all come at it's my time to wish for the toothfairy!

Michelle, 23, WA; mum to Emily Renae (11 months)

Hi Michelle,
Don't worry, they will come through soon enough. The longer they take, the stronger they will be, and the longer they will last before falling out. The longer they keep their baby teeth the better, as it helps their second teeth to stay stronger and healthier. A baby who gets their teeth early, will usually lose them at a young age, which means they have to be extra careful at looking after their 2nd set. My daughter had 5 teeth before she was 5 months old. She was only just 4 years when they started falling out, as her 2nd set had pushed through. This also caused overcrowding in her mouth, and the dentist had to take 2 out. She also had a large overbite, and because of these problems now has to wear a plate and possibly braces later on. Enjoy the gummy smiles while you can.

Mother of 3, Qld

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