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My son is 9months old and weighs almost 12kilos.
And a lot of people think he is 12 months as he has a lot of hair and 6 teeth. I am worried though that he is too over weight. Someone said i should take him to a dietition because he is too big and will not get around as easy as most babies would at his age, and it would make him a slow learner. I only feed him 3 times a day and sometimes he only really its 2 of them. and he is crawling and walking around the furnitre like their is no tomorrow, he even found the stairs and goes up them really well. My mum says he is advanced for his age. But as he is my first i do am worried abotu his weight. He is a really happy baby and sleep all night. Does anyone else have a "VERY HEALTHY BABY". or any suggestions. Anything would be a help. Thanking you Cooper74

Lachlan, 9mth baby

My son is nearly 5 months old and he weighs nearly 7.5 kilos and is a healthy and happy baby who has 4 bottles a day and also sleeps through the night. He doesn't look fat and he doesn't have big rolls of fat but is big for his age by a small degree and I think your baby is perfect, if he is walking around furniture and is crawling you have nothing to worry about and any excess weight will fall of as he gets more mobile. Do what you think is right but I am not worried about my boy and wont be unless he is an overweight child but at this age unless you're feeding him bad food that is full of fat and sugar then he will be fine and see if anyone knows how big your babys father was at your sons age. Hope I have helped and happy parenting.
Don't worry my son is 2 10mths and he is 13.2kg and my little girl she is 11 1/2 mths she is 7.9kg, that is how they are and i'm not worried about there weight and they are both HEALTHY kids.

kirsty w

kirsty, new zealand

I wouldn't worry about it either.
My daughter now is nearly 6 months and weighs 10 kg.
She is a healthy and happy baby,eating solids sits up but no crawling as yet.
I agree with kirsty that once they start walking they do slim down.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Better to have a baby that is big than one that is small and hard to feed!
Enjoy your big healthy baby, what will be will be!!
And he definately doesn't sound behind or slow!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Cooper74,

I know EXACTLY how you feel. Your baby is practically the same as my baby... he will be 9 months in a week and he is 12.6kg. He was going further and further away from that 97% growth path. I have met a lot of people like the other people who have replied to your post who have big babies at birth or fairly big babies but not as big as ours at their current age.

It is also my first child. I too was concerned as I had not met anyone else with the exact weight graduation my son had except for one other mother who I met in another discussion group. These include:
Birth weight = 4.3kg. Fullylbreastfed 7 times a day.
4 weeks - sleeping through the night.
6 weeks - 6.5kg. Fully breastfed 6 times a day.
9 weeks - 8kg. Fully breastfed 5 times a day.
4 months - 10.5kg. Fully breastfed 4 times a day
6 months - still fully breastfed 4 times a day and starting solids for the first time weighing 11.5kg
The early months when the average weight gain is meant to be 130g per week, my son was gaining 500-600g a week.

My clinic nurse said that he was fine because he was a happy baby who did not appear sick and he was feeding and peeing/pooing well. But at 4 months she still recommended I send my son to the paediatrician 'just to be sure' and to give us both piece of mind because it was so unusual to see a fully breastfed baby gaining weight like this.

At 4.5mths I took baby to the paed at $190! Even though I baulk at the price of the visit it was still worth it. He checked him over thoroughly and the thing he was looking for was thyroid problems. One of the main symptoms for an overactive thyroid is excessive weight/weight gain but my son did not possess the other symptoms - dry scalp and slow heart rate and as I said before he did not look sick and was a happy baby. Like the clinic nurse, the doctor could not recommend any diet alteration at this young age as he was only breastfed 4 times a day but scheduled a follow-up visit at 6 months.

At 6 months he checked him out and he was fine. The paed said I could start solids but to feed my son mainly veges and keep meat to a minimum and not to give him custards as it was a sweet weight gaining food. He also said that because I was only breastfeeding that it was my son's body's ability to hold the calories from the milk rather than me providing fatty milk or too much milk. Most babies just pee the excess calories out but my son had a much more efficient system and was storing it. A dietician was unnecessary as he was not on solids and also was a 'very healthy' infant not to be classed as equivalent to an obese solid eating toddler.

My son is now bottle-fed 3 times a day (stopped breastfeeding at 7mths) and has solid food 3 times a day (bottle still before the solid food) and we're adhering to the paed's instructions. As you can see, the weight gain did eventually slow down but he has yet to start crawling so it was not due to any physical activity although he was sitting up at 5 mths and can hold himself up to stand. He only has 5 teeth. I was told also that he will not get around easy but he is attempting to crawl now and you've also disproved that statement as your son is crawling.

My son wears size 1 clothing and Huggies XL Toddler nappies and is a happy baby. I am thankful that his weight slowed down because I can now carry him for longer periods! I am told and I am sure it is true that it is better to have a 'very healthy baby' especially for sick periods because they can 'afford' to be sick and to have off feeding days.

Piece of mind can be bought quite easily from a paediatrician if you are able. For me, I too was comforted by a lot of other mothers who said it was okay as well as my clinic nurse but I just needed complete satisfaction that he was okay.

Hope I was helpful! You can email me at [email protected] if you like.

It's all good!

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