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When you feed your child solids for the first time do you feed them straight after the bottle or wait 1/2 hour or an hour or so, what has been the most successful method for you?
I think your supposed to bottle then feed solids but i done it the other way round feed then breastfeed. It worked for me but I would probably do it the other way round now i think about it.We had trouble with constapation and maybe that was why,she stuffed herself on solids.I don't know if i have helped but hope so.
when you start solids its more to get them use to eating so it comes second so they still get all their nutrients from the milk.

Around 6 months of age you can switch them around food then milk. I found that when my kids left more then half of the milk in the bottle I stopped giving it to them, and replaced it with either water or cordial.
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