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What age do you think a bub should start to babble? Lock Rss

Hi, I have a little man who is 8 months old and have been refered to a speech therapist as he is not babbling correctly/enough. He says dada and that is it. I did not have any concerns as he is a happy little boy and would prefer not to take him. Can anyone tell me when their little one started to talk/babble.

Amanda NSW

Mia is nearly 8 months and says nothing that we can make out... No dada, mama, buba - nothing and I am not in the least concerned! I thought it was something they check hearing wise regarding speech? So I reckon Mia is okay cause she can hear those kitty cat bells from 100 paces. I will be interested to see what others think and hear of experiences... You got me thinking now Amanda!!!

I Amanda,

When you mean bubble do you mean when they talk to themselves and not make any sense, or when they actually say things like dada or mumma?

I think Ella started talking nonsense about 4 months and she is nearly 8 months and just know can say dada.

does that help?

Hi Amanda, when I read your post, I was shocked that you have been told you need to see a speech therapist for your baby that is ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD!! My son babbled and made different sounds from 6 months, and most if it made no sense, and now he still doesn't make sense most of the time. I seriously think you would be wasting your time going to a speech therapist, and have been made to worry for nothing. He is saying something at least and who cares if it isn't up to someones standards (the peron that referred you). Your boy is happy and healthy and he will babble more in his own time.

Vaccines: Question what you're told...

My daughter was exactly the same! At 8 months she wasn't babbling and we were referred to a speach therapist and had her hearing checked. The speach therapist was a complete waste of time! All they said was read her books and sing her nursery rhymes (which we already did). So I didnt go back to the therapist. At age 1 she was assessed again and was speaking at a 16-18 month level. Now, at three, you'd swear you were talking to a much older child - her speaking and comprehension skills are far beyond her years. Her problem was she just didn't want to babble - she wanted to talk!

Bindi, WA, mum of two

Hi Amanda,

My daughter started babbling at about 4 months old. Over the last month some things she is saying clearer but she still babbles most of the time and I am told this is normal.

As he is only 8 months old I wouldn't worry too much at this stage. All babies develop at different rates.

Sonia,NSW,12mth old

my 2 1/2 yo daughter started babbling and making a few word sounds at about 4 months, and is speaking quite fluently now (actually doesn't shut up!! unless she's asleep) and my 8mth old has just started babbling and making dada, mama, bub bub, and only does this occasionally. Who referred you to the ST??? The CYH nurse referred my daughter @ 6mths to an opthamologist for a slightly lazy eye (I didn't go!!), and now, her eyes are fine - I think they have to cover every aspect, and make sure they are thorough. Take him to the ST & see what they say. Probably just an overcautious referring person!
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