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Swimming Lessons Lock Rss

hi well i just went to my first swimming lesson today with my daughter who is 9 mths old and it was fantastic i didnt think it would be so good and educational but it was great and the teacher was just fantastic i just wanted to say if you havent been to swimming lessons maybe you should consider going i really enjoyed myself. and just wanted to know how many other mums out there take there 9mth olds to swimming?
hi Nat, I took my 6 month old daughter to her first swimming lesson also just recently and agree that it was well worth it. It only has to give your child a few basic skills- enough to give you the couple of minutes it might take to reach your child if they fall into a pool etc and a life can be saved. It was also a great way to have fun with your baby and to meet other mums (as I am quite isolated), and I found that she began to take interest in the other kids too so a good start to social interaction. I am now really looking forward to that weekly outing to the pool!!

I'm a swimming lessons fan as well. It not only is invaluable thing for kids to learn, but a great outing for all.

My son started at 6 months and is now 3 and loves the water. Whilst he no Ian Thorpe yet, he is very safe and secure in the pool and around any water.

Definitely something I would recommend to everyone.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi Nat,

I just took my 6 month old son to his first swimming lesson on saturday and he absolutley loved it. I was so worried he would be scared and scream but he just splashed and laughed and smiled the whole time, even when we took him under the water.

I would deffinately recommened swimming lessons to everyone as well


Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hi Nat,

I haven't taken Corey to swimming lessons yet. But after reading your comments & the others. I am not definitely considering taking him. It sounds great.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi everyone! I have been taking my daughter to swimming lessons since she was 6 months old. She is now 10 months and can hang onto the side of the pool by herself and attempts to climb out. She also knows when she is about to go under water and prepares for it by holding her breath and closing her eyes - it is very cute! Swimming lessons can teach children so much in such a small amount of time. Well worth it!
I am looking to start my 6 months old son in swimming lessions soon, what did you guys look for in classes, there are a few around me and I'm not quite sure what to look for and who to choose.

Jean, Qld, Ethan 14/8/03

Hi Nat

I took my 7month old Ella to her first swimming class today.. We both loved it! She had a ball and i loved it too! Definatly pleased we started now!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

I asked a similar question in this forum and was directed to the Aust Swim website. - it was very useful and I found a mums and bubs class for my 6 month old twins.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

hi jean well when trying to choose a place to take your bubs to swimming lessons i think you need to find somewhere that is a good pool the place i take my daughter has salt water it is really great your not breathing in that horrible clorine smell all the time and i think you need to find a good swimming instructor i heard of the place i go by word of mouth and it was also advertised in the paper.
anyway goodluck and i hope u find somewhere good to take your bub to swimming it is very fun!
Hi Twinkletoes,

My son had his first swimming lesson (water familiarisation) when he was seven months old. On his first lesson he screamed and hated it and we thought it would be a complete waste of time, but we persisted. When we took him back the next week he absolutely loved it.

He is now nearly 2 years old and his lessons resume this weekend after a break since Christmas. He loves the water which is great. My husband and I take turns in swimming with him each week.

The important things when looking for a swim school are firstly 'qualified' swim instructors, a heated pool, and small class sizes.

I don't know where in QLD you are, but my son goes to a Shapland swim school pool at Taigum in Brisbane.

They are a 3rd generation family owned business and operate about 5 schools throughout Brisbane and have a web site if you search Shapland.

Good luck finding a school.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

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