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Swimming Lessons Rss

I love the swimming lessons! We have been twice now (we also started Monday before last...I wonder if we were at the same swim school? ). My boy loved it! He was so busy looking around and was used to water from baths and showers already.

We chose Mondays as DP has every 2nd Monday off work and can have his turn in the pool with DS also. Now at 7 months old, he can already swim better than me! lol

hi skyspirit how are you? where in vic do you live?
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to ask are there any good recommendations for pools in Sydney metro - South west (Bankstown, Fairfield and surrounding areas). My son will be six months in april. I'd like to start him on lessons but not sure where and if autumn /winter is a good time?????

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

Hi Flinstones,

If you log onto They have a section on there for swim school locators. There is ones there at Condell Park, Roselands, Fairfield etc. I was looking for the same area as we are at Lurnea.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Nat

I'm in the western suburbs in Altona. What about you?
hi skyspirit i am down warrnambool way i live in a little town so what is ya little ones name?
Hi Flintstones,
Autumn is a great time to start swimming lessons. My daughter started last April and by the time the weather warmed up was quite confident in the water. Another thing is that classes get smaller because of mums not wanting to take their babies out so you get more attention from the instructor.
make sure you get a heated pool for this theory to work. Also I'd like to advise when choosing a school make sure it dosen't close for school holidays as missing 2-6 weeks at a time repeatadly can really affect your babies rythym.
We go to a pool where you get your first lesson free to see if you like it and the teacher because its important that you get along with them and trust them as they will put your baby underwater.
Hope you enjoy swimming lessons as much as us
take care

Fiona, NSW

I have to agree with you! I have been going to swimming lessons with Hannah since she was 4 months old, and it's so much fun. Now I say "Ready Go!" and she knows to hold her breath and go under the water. It's great, because it's not like with older kids, where you take them and the swimming instructor takes the children while you watch, it's really hands-on with mums and bubs working together. It's not just educational for baby, it's also fun for mum and baby and it's one-on-one time but within a group as well. I'd recommend it to anyone

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

all of my 3 boys started at abou6-7 months they love it the oldes cried every lesson at about 2 but got over it soon my almost 4 yr old can awim wthout a bubble etc and my 2.5 yr old has started to swim also without a float the 16 monh old love the watere but sometimes cries as the water can be too cold

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hey Flintstone,

Wondering if you have found a place yet to attend swimming lessons ( water awarness ) with your baby?

I can recommend the 'Sydney Aquatic Centre' ( not sure if that is out of the way for you ) but it is an indoor facility ( Sydney 2000 Olympics facility ) so they take 6 month old babies and you can attend in autumn winter, in fact all year round.

They run lessons every school term so you would have 10 weeks of lessons and then a short break and then you start can just keep going and progress to the next level.

I would strongly recommend you contact a swimming centre asap because these lessons are so popular there is usually is a waiting list and you do not want to be disappointed, like i nearly was, you see i waited till my baby was 6 months and thought it would be so easy to get in but everyone was booked out ( especially Saturdays ) i had got in due to a cancellation.


NSW - 1st child baby girl

hi just wanted to know how all bubs are going with the swimming lessons? and have they learnt anything new? well caprice didnt go last week and wont be going this week for she has had the flu and has an ear infection so we will be 2 weeks out of action and we are missing going hopefully the week after she will be better.
Maria is definately right! These classes are very popular. I only just made it in to one (last person to get a spot) and my friend was lucky enough to get a spot as they had to put on an extra class each week due to demand. VERY popular indeed. If you can't find a spot though, don't be scared to take your little one to the pool yourself to help familiarise with water until you can get into a class.

Nat, my gorgeous boy is named Bailey. I know of Warrnambool (doesn't everyone?) My partenr and I took a trip up there just before I got pregnant and stayed at a luxury spa (thank god we did it then cos we'd never get a chance to do that sort of thing now)!
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