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Swimming Lessons Rss

I would also like to take my 8 month old to swim but my concern is him swallowing un sterile water with chemicals in it...Csn anyone ease my mind?

Vic, 3 y.o boy

We started swimming last week and all the babies love it. We actually go with most of the mothers in our mothers group so we already know the people in our class. We had our 2nd class today and already they were going under for a second or so.
My MIL actually asked me today why we go and I had to explain that its more about water awareness at this stage, and that it will eventually teach them not only to swim but before that what to do if they fall in. After that she was ok.
We go to our ocal pool and as well as our classes we get a free swim once a week for bub and mum/dad. Its well worth the money spent and the classes just fly by.

member since 2004

my boys started at about 8-9 mo. the youngest is the only one not too keen on it. my almost 4 yr old can swim without floats now so i really recommend lessons

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

You're just up the road from me at Lara and I'd say you're a fair bit closer to Altona than Warnambool. I'd say halfway between Altona and Geelong.
We take Liam to Norlane Waterworld and we get a swim after lessons for as long as we like plus a free swim once a week as a bonus. But I'm not sure if they run classes on weekends, just checked they do on Saturday mornings.
They must all play the same games as my frined took her daughter to the Auquatic Centre in Geelong and knows most of what we do.
Our are run through our local council so there's a few pools we can do this at.

member since 2004

Hi Everyone,
Well we've had two lessons so far and he absolutely loves it. First lesson he didn't cry or anything just took the surrounds in but this week what a turn around. Dad goes in the water with him while I watch and what a proud mum I was. Can't wait to see him progress more and more each week. It's amazing how quickly they progress it's almost like you blink and they've learnt or are doing something new smile It's also great daddy time because my little one doesn't spend much daddy time so that aspect is great. Rock on!!

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

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