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Your Tips- When Your Baby is Sick

Do you have any handy tips to share with other mums and dads that will help them through the diff...

31 replies

If your baby is sick then you cant do any experiment this is very harmful. immediately go to doctor.


Your Dental Care Tips

Hi to all the Huggies Mums Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you ...

41 replies

I think you can immediately consult to baby care surgeon.


Kid's Health and First Aid

Here are some quick links to our articles on; Kid's First Aid Child Safety Emergency Contacts (A...

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Reflux and Losec

Hi all, This is my first time posting on anything... I hope I'm doing it right?! My 7 week...

2 replies

Thank you!! I'll try the pharmacy.


Can mold or allergies cause bronchitis?

I have had bronchitis twice this year. First time was around new years (after a very large snow s...

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Extreme Vomiting.

Hi, I hope to find that I'm not alone. Ever since my little boy was just a newborn, he has...

3 replies

Cindy_kaylynn, Not long after making this post, it was eventually suggested that we try soy formula. It wasn't a sudden change...


3 week old newborn having grunting alot and vomitting after feed

My 3 weeks newborn has been experiencing issue with gasses. It became worse everytime after I fee...

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Probable Goldenhar Syndrome Baby

Just wondering if there are any mums out there with advice on kids with Goldenhar syndrome, micro...

2 replies

Hi. My 5 week old baby daughter was diagnosed with Goldenhar at birth. She has a large VSD (hole in the heart) also. She has spent m...



Any advice out there in regards to Vicks vapour machines? They are quite expensive but I need to ...

4 replies

I did it this morning and yes it helped I will be heading to the pharmacy on payday Thanks so much for your advice. It's amaz...


Clingy toddler

Just wanting tips for a clingy toddler . When we first started play Centre my 2 yr old son grew i...

2 replies

By play centre do you mean daycare or playgroup? My daughter used to cling to me at playgroup at the age of 2 years, I used the stra...


Reflux and constant crying

So my 8 week old has really bad reflux and he has been on Zantac just a little over a week now wh...

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No poo for 6 days

Hi all, My 1 month old baby is exclusively Breastfed and hasnt pooed for 7 days tommorow! I have ...

5 replies

Yes its normal for babies mostly under a year to have such gaps


Happy christmas

Hay everyone. Im surrounded by relatives and am getting incredibly tired of people telling me wha...

2 replies

Thank for your reply. exactly!!


Rash/Eczema/Allergy HELP PLESE!

Hi, Over the last week and a bit my 7 week old has developed what appears to be eczema, it star...

12 replies

My allergies and eczema are bad, and only steroids have ever really helped me. Then I tried foderma serum randomly and I'm so g...


Peanut allergy and peanut oil in baby cream

I just recently found out the nappy cream I have been using (Multichem Zinc and Castor Oil Cream)...

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Microwave ovens + baby milk = unsafe? HELP!!!

Hello moms! My name is Laura Randall. I'm the mom of a little handsome man. I am currently w...

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Amnio, Generation test, Trisomy 13

My 12 week ultrasound looked fine but that combined with blood test came back at a risk of 1 in 1...

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Kaz D

Red Raw Nappy Rash and Diarrhea

Hi, my baby girl is 9 months and she has had diarrhea (green) for 2 days. With this she has the w...

7 replies

My baby was oh so bad with red raw skin on his bottom and i honestly did not know what the heck to do next. No-one had any clue and ...


Jammed finger!!

Please help I am wanting reassurance. My 4year old jammed her finger in a door on 31/12/2016 (wha...

3 replies

Thank for the comments guys. Delcarlo it sounds very similar to my daughter's ordeal so glad to hear some feedback! We also wen...


Child with gastrodchisis

Hi yah. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with a child/children with gastrosc...

1 reply

My child was born on 2015 with that condition was so hard to find anybody info in New Zealand such a rare condition!


4month old sunburnt


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Baby skin care - what you need to know

3 replies

Should the toddlers be bath with soap or by water only?


Red spots with white centre

Hi, My youngest son is 6.5 months old and has always had the odd red blotchy spot on his body tha...

3 replies

Was looking for answer on this for a long time... Found that Red spots on skin is generally normal among kids especially white kids ...

Blue Skye's

Eczema flare up on his cheeks

DS is 4 months, from 3 weeks he got really bad eczema on his cheeks which lasted till our local n...

5 replies

I'm still learning what kinds of things set off my eczema flares but foderma serum has worked great for me! I have issues mainl...


sick 8 month old

My 8 month old has a mild temp highest ive seen is only 38.2. Hes been quite tired and sleeping m...

6 replies

This is not a serious problem but you can visit doctor for satisfaction.


jolly jumper good or bad?

hello being a 1st time mum i have been told that jolly jumper are good and also been told they ar...

14 replies

I think its depending upon your baby.


Healthy hip alert

Hi all , the hip check that your baby has in hospital is for hip dysplasia. A developmental diso...

1 reply

Don't worry about it


Essential health checks for your baby

1 reply

you can go to doctor for regular check up .


Baby skin care tips

2 replies

you can buy skin care products kit for baby and use all the products carefully.


How to deal with your baby's dry skin

1 reply

You can use johnson and johnson skin cream for your baby.


11 week old with reflux

Hi there I have an 11 week old baby and am really struggling with the reflux roller coaster. He...

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this. I went to a friends last night and apparently ...

9 replies

I just wanted to mention another method that I have found works for my child as I tried a lot of other remedies that didn't or ...


Echinacea for baby?

My 4.5 month old daughter has had a cold nearly everyday since she was born. She has a deviated s...

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Unsettled baby

Hey guys so I'm a first time mum and unsure on what to do my son is 4 months old and had his...

4 replies

Hope bub is okay today. When bub would reach a temp like 37 ish, I'd sometimes put a cool cloth for a few minutes just to cool ...


How To Buy Package Of Cards In FIFA 17

Of course, the package of cards you can buy for acquired from the pitch on a virtual currency, bu...

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Blade and Soul Gold: Tomb Abandoned is now live

The update Tomb Abandoned is there and offers you a challenging new endgame dungeon, an event in ...

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Where to buy a recommendable humidifier in Tasmania?

Looking for a durable and affordable humidifier in Tasmania,any recommendations? brand and shop w...

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How do you look after your little one when they have a cold?

Share your tips!

3 replies

Whenever my son is sick with the cold/ flu we use a vaporizer, and rub vicks on his chest and back and also feet. Also I'd open...


Bayern boss Rummenigge: BVB is the main competitor

More than a week of FC Bayern München has traveled across the US to promote in this important int...

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Eight month old temp at 40.2

Hi, My childs temperature is at 40.2 he was a little hot and restless last night but we didnt ta...

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