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Your Tips- When Your Baby is Sick

Do you have any handy tips to share with other mums and dads that will help them through the diff...

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My 1 year boy always suffers from cold. I do not found any permanent solution for it. Please give me solution..


Your Dental Care Tips

Hi to all the Huggies Mums Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you ...

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Hi, brushing your baby teeth is a big task. I always go to the dentist for routine check up because teeth is an important part of ou...


Kid's Health and First Aid

Here are some quick links to our articles on; Kid's First Aid Child Safety Emergency Contacts (A...

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Bayern boss Rummenigge: BVB is the main competitor

More than a week of FC Bayern München has traveled across the US to promote in this important int...

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Eight month old temp at 40.2

Hi, My childs temperature is at 40.2 he was a little hot and restless last night but we didnt ta...

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Have you got a question about your baby's skincare?

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Top tips for managing reflux

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Baby reflux

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Constipation in babies and how to deal with it

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Andrea & Tayla

I 'm looking for anyone out there with or has kiddies with Urticaria Pigmentosa?

Hi there, I'm after anybody who has or knows of a child with Urticaria Pigmentosa. My daughter w...

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This is post still active? Looking for any parents whose kid has UP in New Zealand.


Managing baby cold and flu season

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Hi everyone, my baby temperature is about 37.4c , he can also take a medicine?? He is one year ol...

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Extreme Vomiting.

Hi, I hope to find that I'm not alone. Ever since my little boy was just a newborn, he has...

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Healthy hip alert

Hi all , the hip check that your baby has in hospital is for hip dysplasia. A developmental diso...

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17 weeks but don't feel pregnant anymore

I know this sounds really weird but in the last few days I have stopped feeling pregnant. I can&#...

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Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and have not felt any movement which everyone keeps telling me I should by now. I had 20 week scan yester...


nasal congestion from reflux

Has anyone experienced nasal congestion caused by reflux? My 9 week old suffers silent reflux and...

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There is quite possible that your baby is suffering with nasal congestion at night because of reflux. If your baby is overfeed then ...


How do you look after your little one when they have a cold?

Share your tips!

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Cold is very common in babies since their immune systems are immature. Treatment for the common cold in babies involves easing their...


Baby skin care tips

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Babies, especially newborns, tend to have sensitive skin,it is always recommended that washing new clothing and towels before using ...


Essential health checks for your baby

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Baby skin care - what you need to know

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Don’t give shower every day to your baby, actually baby really not required a daily bath. Two or three times a week is enough. Daily...


Cradle Cap?

Hi I am just wondering if anyone has some tips on treating cradle cap? My 8 week old bub seems to...

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I used to brush my daughter scalp every day with the soft baby brush to prevent it and it worked a treat.


Chicken pox vaccine

Hi all just wondering if anyone got the chicken pox vaccine for their LO? I'm contemplating ...

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Go ahead and get it done. Just understand the precautions to be taken in case LO gets upset or gets fever. Probably LO just may get ...


squinting blinking 8 month old

Over the past week or so my DD has had the flue and a little bout of gastro (she was sick only on...

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My 9 month old just started doing this too. I realize this post is from a while ago but can't find any other info on it. Did yo...


Baby squinting or flinching?!?!

Hi all, just wondering if someone can please give me some advice. My DS is almost 8 months old & ...

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My baby just started doing this too. Did your baby stop or did you find out what it was?


jolly jumper good or bad?

hello being a 1st time mum i have been told that jolly jumper are good and also been told they ar...

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Dear cheekytots, I am not sure about jolly jumper. One thing that I always care about is the comfort of my babies. I am not solely d...


Terrible and constant trapped wind

My wee girl is 4 1/2 months and in the past couple of weeks has started getting terrible trapped ...

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My son is 13 months. He was a mixed fed baby. I expressed for four months. I used formula when I had to. He was an unsettled baby wi...


sick 8 month old

My 8 month old has a mild temp highest ive seen is only 38.2. Hes been quite tired and sleeping m...

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I think you must visit a child specialist and have complete check up.


Hospital test not working 3 attempts, when to say no

I am seeking advice, my 9 month old son had surgery at 3 months old due to a blockage in his uret...

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Should Grandparents get whooping cough injections?

Hi there, I am wondering if it's okay to ask grandparents to get whooping cough injection. I hav...

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Beautifully written. Hope they all respect your wishes.


Strawberry Allergy or Teething rash?

Hi everyone! My son is almost 2 and lately he has come out in a funny bumpy rash all over the br...

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It could be strawberry allergy. My DS also used to get it but I also misunderstood it as teething rash, until I read about it online...


1yo bruises around eyes - Cancer?!

Hi mums, My soon-to-be 1yo has developed large dark circles all around her eyes (including the ...

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Go see your GP. They will assess and refer as needed. Im thinking a physical examination and blood tests would be a reasonble starti...


Wheezy 9 month old

Hi everyone. My 9month has an upper respiratory viral infection and has developed a wheeze. We w...

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Hey, how's your little one? Because of small nasal air passages, congestion and mucus can trouble breathing. Most babies do no...


Hypospadias repair - complications after surgery

Hello starting this topic again as most forums about hypospadias seem to be very old. My baby bo...

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sleepless nights & honey

Hey guys ever since my daughter was born she has been a very nosey & up all the time baby. Sh...

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No, I haven’t come across any such case where honey can disturb infant sleep schedule. However it’s certainly not a good thing to co...


Bubs bottom lip slighty blue/purple color? Is it a bruise???

Hey my boy has what I suspect may be bruising on his lower lip only in the middle of his lip. He ...

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Thankfully it has disappeared now. Must of been a bruise from somthing.


What are your top tips for treating eczema?

Eczema is never pleasant but there are some tried and tested ways to ease the symptoms...what has...

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I find that I have to use earth friendly dishwashing liquids, sensitive detergent for washing clothes and soap for sensitive skin. ...


Spewy Baby?!

Has anyone else had a particularly spewy baby? He's 5 months and from birth he has always be...

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Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! A lot if friends are like "my kids never spewed like t...

Blue Skye's

Eczema and mittens

I've restricted baby's hands so he doesn't scratch. At 4 months what can I do so h...

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Good luck???? I was lucky to find our nurse. I was told by a mother the very morning of my appointment about her nurse who helped cl...


Dribble rash gone wrong!

My baby girl of 8 months has had dribble rash for a few months now, it comes and goes. Moreso co...

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Hi all! My bubba gets dribble rash too,if its really bad I use sudocrem on it, I totakly plaster it on while he is asleep. The rest ...


atopic eczema...

Hi everyone, I badly need some advice or any of u guys or your baby who have eczema how you treat...

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Hi there. My LO has eczema and although the doctor prescribed a steroidal cream I didn't want to constantly use it on his skin...