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Your Tips- When Your Baby is Sick

Do you have any handy tips to share with other mums and dads that will help them through the diff...

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My 1 year boy always suffers from cold. I do not found any permanent solution for it. Please give me solution..


Your Dental Care Tips

Hi to all the Huggies Mums Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you ...

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Hi, brushing your baby teeth is a big task. I always go to the dentist for routine check up because teeth is an important part of ou...


Kid's Health and First Aid

Here are some quick links to our articles on; Kid's First Aid Child Safety Emergency Contacts (A...

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Essential health checks for your baby

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Baby skin care - what you need to know

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Don’t give shower every day to your baby, actually baby really not required a daily bath. Two or three times a week is enough. Daily...


Cradle Cap?

Hi I am just wondering if anyone has some tips on treating cradle cap? My 8 week old bub seems to...

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I used to brush my daughter scalp every day with the soft baby brush to prevent it and it worked a treat.


Chicken pox vaccine

Hi all just wondering if anyone got the chicken pox vaccine for their LO? I'm contemplating ...

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Go ahead and get it done. Just understand the precautions to be taken in case LO gets upset or gets fever. Probably LO just may get ...


squinting blinking 8 month old

Over the past week or so my DD has had the flue and a little bout of gastro (she was sick only on...

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My 9 month old just started doing this too. I realize this post is from a while ago but can't find any other info on it. Did yo...


Baby squinting or flinching?!?!

Hi all, just wondering if someone can please give me some advice. My DS is almost 8 months old & ...

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My baby just started doing this too. Did your baby stop or did you find out what it was?


Baby skin care tips

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jolly jumper good or bad?

hello being a 1st time mum i have been told that jolly jumper are good and also been told they ar...

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Dear cheekytots, I am not sure about jolly jumper. One thing that I always care about is the comfort of my babies. I am not solely d...


Terrible and constant trapped wind

My wee girl is 4 1/2 months and in the past couple of weeks has started getting terrible trapped ...

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My son is 13 months. He was a mixed fed baby. I expressed for four months. I used formula when I had to. He was an unsettled baby wi...


sick 8 month old

My 8 month old has a mild temp highest ive seen is only 38.2. Hes been quite tired and sleeping m...

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I think you must visit a child specialist and have complete check up.


Hospital test not working 3 attempts, when to say no

I am seeking advice, my 9 month old son had surgery at 3 months old due to a blockage in his uret...

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Should Grandparents get whooping cough injections?

Hi there, I am wondering if it's okay to ask grandparents to get whooping cough injection. I hav...

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Beautifully written. Hope they all respect your wishes.