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White stuff inside both sides of mouth Lock Rss

I was wondering if any other mums have found this with their bubs. Mine is 14 weeks and since he was about 5 weeks i noticed this bright white patches inside the sides of his mouth. Its not bothering him but wondered if maybe i should be concerned. Going to check with my GP next week, but wondered if anyone else knows about of have experienced? He is breastfed.



Mel, SA, 2002, 2005

Hi mel0205 it sounds like it could be thrush. Here is the link to a post under the General section.

Good luck
Hi Mel I tried to post the link to the post in the General section but it goes to the moderators. It sounds like it could be thrush. Have a look in the general section with the subject Rash in Mouth and its by Kathryn8. I have bumped it to the top for you.

Good luck.
Tried twice to reply and both went to the moderators. You should eventually get my reply but it sounds like thrush. If you dont get this one I am not trying again...LOL
My breast fed 20 week old daughter has this too and always has. Is it on the roof of your son's mouth? I asked the clinic nurse and doc and they said it's normal. It looks strange, I know. As long as there's no white spots on the tongue (thrush).

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

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