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  5. anyone heard of scaphocephaly?

anyone heard of scaphocephaly? Rss

My son was diaganosed with this at 3 months. Its the early fusion of the fontanelle. He had major surgery on his head to correct the problem. Hes now nearly 3, and you wouldn't even know he had anything done, we are so amazed.
Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who's been through this? Were told it's not a common thing.


Mel, SA, 2002, 2005

hi, my baby son has just been diagnosed with Scaphocephaly. We met the plastic surgeon about 3 weeks ago and we told he would need skull surgery... and now we are still waiting. We know we have to go to Wellington and will be there about a week and he will have titanium springs put in to seperate, but other than that we are clueless other than all the gumph you can look up on the net. Can you please give us some advise. Do we get provided with accomodation at Ronald MacDonald house or do we need to find our own? Is there much bruising? Will he be in much pain? Can I keep breastfeeding? How long does the operation take? yeah, i have a few questions.... and was wondering if you could please share your experience.
Thank you


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