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Does ur baby tilt their head to the side? middle ear infection? Lock Rss

hi all
My lil one is 14 months old. He likes to walk around with his hea don his shoulder, and until today thoiught nothing of it. I just assumed he was pretending he was on the phone as he holds remotes and anything resembling a phone to his ear and "talks". But my mum pointed out on the weekend he was a lil off balanced, and he has a runny nose ( for like 4 weeks now) and is a lil more tiored than usual. I just put this down to teething and waking up too early ( he use to wake between 8 and 9 now its 7). But my sister said today it could be a middle ear infection and i said but hes not in poain and she said they dont feel pain when its middle ear. he doesnt have any fluid though or an odour from the ear and he does pull on an ear but he always has and each time i ahve been to the doc he dasically tells me i'm stupid and that all babies pull on their ears. I have just ntioced its the same side he tilts his head too.
what do u think? am i worrying over nothing? i dont want to go to doc and be made to feel stupid again?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

hi Ashtonsmum,

my boy was 3mths before I took him to the doc with a tilted head (been like 2wks old) and a leaky ear. He had a ear infection and a perforated ear drum, so YES take him to the doc again and demand he looks in the ears. we've had recurrent perforated ear drums in both ears, and Levi now 8mths has just finished antibiotics for the 7th time with ear inf. If that doc won't look, then get a 2nd op. A friends daughter is 10 and she has had a ear reconstruction as she walked around for 5 years with her head tilted till her mum took her to the doc! the damage is so great that the poor kid has to have another ear recon next year as the first one has collapsed again.

Docs should never make you feel stupid, and if this one does, CHANGE DOCTORS, they are there to help & not to judge!

I'm interested to hear how you go.
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