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Help i'm worried Rss

HI guys,

I need some help my 8 and a half month old daughter has gone from drinking 800-850mls a day to 600mls including youhgurt. I would be happy with that but she is only having 2 solid meals a day and hardly eating much at all. She is a petite girl 7.3kgs but im afraid that this is a big drop all of a sudden. I took her to the Doctors and she said she was fine. I'm really worried can anyone help me out???????????????????????

Ellas mumma
Mia has done the same thing... She isn't eating AGAIN and only drinking small bottles. Mia weighed 7.5kg at 8mths so she is a little pixie too!

No use in trying to force them (I tried that and both of us had a cry in frustration) and just try try again.

(PS - I think I have posted to a few of your topics as I have the same issues - LOL - at least someone else is going thru what I am and I don't feel so alone!)

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