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Introducing cow's milk Lock Rss

What's a good method of introducing cow's milk? My son is 10 months old and I am currently breastfeeding him 3 times a day (he has solids and water at breakfast, mid morning, lunch and dinner). He has a breastfeed at his early morning feed, mid afternoon and supper. He has tried yoghurt and had no allergic reactions. Should I dilute cow's milk with water or express and mix it with cow's milk?

Friday's Child

We used to put cow's milk in our son's breakfast with a bit of water. He didn't seem to have a problem. When we weaned him (it was done in a week due to medical problems I have) we tried watering it down but he refused to drink. We ended up giving him straight cow's milk. It is recommended to water it down 50/50 at first and then increase the amount of milk slowly.

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Check with your doctor or health care nurse but cow's milk isn't reccomened until a child is 12 months but in cereal a little earlier is ok. Milk is too strong for a baby's system to take and can be dangerous if given too early even diluted so ask your doctor first before giving to your baby.
i introduced cows milk earlier than 12 months and my doctor was the one who told me to as she had alot of mucus so i think its fine to give earlier just dilute it with formula gradually.
and add vitamins in drops to her bottle for the extra vitamins she needed because she was too young.
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Hi everyone,

As i know it, normal milk can be added to a babys diet from 9 months! Only in the form of adding it to cereal or custard etc! Bottles should be proper infant formular until 12 months.

Mind you i have heard heaps of mums do it earlier with the bottle 50% milk, 50% water, and no probs!

Good luck,


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