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Vomiting Lock Rss


I was wandering if anyone's experienced this before...... I just fed my 6mth old baby his bottle and immediately after finishing it, he threw up - over himself, me and the all over the lounge. I then gave him a quick 10 min bath to clean him up, As I was dressing him, he nearly fell asleep on me.

I will obviously be monitoring him very closely, he doesn't have a fever or diahorea.

Should I be worried?


Mum to toddler

Good Morning Sam,

Has your baby ever thrown up after a bottle before? Mackenzie, our daughter, used to throw up after every single bottle. When I asked the doctor she simply said that babies tend to bring back what they dont need. If it is just milk, then it hasnt been to the stomach if it has mucus then it has been in the stomach and come back up. Either way, normal and nothing to worry about if no diahorea or fever.

Hope this helps.

Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes, he has thrown up after his bottles before but he also had diahorea at the time and ended up in hospital for a few days, that's why I'm just a bit concerned about the vomitting. No it definitely didn't reach his stomach because I was sitting him up to burp when it happened.

Thanks again.


Mum to toddler

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