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Chiropractors - what do others think?? Rss

Hi there

I have two children and both have been treated by a chiropractor since they were 2wks old. We have visits when they are unwell, or off balance, or just not quite as happy as normal with EXCELLENT results. I just thought I'd see what others opinions were on them, as I swear by them. I have had the children treated for things such as constipation, bad sleeping habits (night wakings) and even when my baby has had ear infections (always go to doc still- there is room for both) to help with the healing of that. Mild colds & flus are also very responsive to treatment. I'm interested to hear your views.
hey tanya. i took my son for his first visit when he was about 3 weeks old. I too found it EXCELLENT. My son was delivered by forceps so i thought it might be a good idea to have him checked over which was a good thing because his back was a little and for the first month while breastfeeding he would only take one side so i mentioned that to my chiropractor and lochie's neck was out once he out it back in he had no problems feeding! i now get him checked out everytime i go which is about every couple of months.

2 yrs

Hi Tanya

I haven't taken my children but my sister takes has been taking her 6 month old daughter to a chiropractor since she was a few weeks old. She used to feed for ages - I mean longer than an hour - and would be really fussy the whole time. As soon as she'd seen the chiropractor her feeds would only take about 30 mins and she slept a lot better and was more settled in general. I think my sister takes her once a fortnight, and she says it always makes such a difference. So from what my sister has said I think it can be really worthwhile - she did check around before she decided on this particular chiro, she'd heard a lot of good reports about him and he sees a lot of babies.
Hi all,
I'm considering to take my bub to the chiro as well, but still not sure about it. But after I read all of your comments, i will absolutely bring her to chiro than. I'm living in Melbourne now, any recomendation which chiro is good for baby???


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