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chiropractors? Whats your opinion on them? Lock Rss

I Just want to know other people opinions on them? My little girl has had a cough for 8 weeks now and the doctors have been not much help and someone said to try a chiropractor?

I had a car accident years ago and tried chiro (2 yrs, twice a week), physio (1 year, once a week), acupuncture (3 months, once a week) and a natropath (for 8 weeks around 12 visits and then it was once a month, now is once every 3 months). The only thing that worked for me was the natropath.

Bit like a chiro, just gentler. My sister took her babe to physio for a lopsided head (she preferred to lean her head to the side) and it didn't work. 2 visits to natropath - all fixed.

Ask around and see if anyone you know uses a natropath and see what they think... Mine is absolutely sensational!

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