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fluid in ears/ear infections Lock Rss

hi well my daughter is almost 10mths old when i took her to have her hearing test about a month ago they found fluid in her ear but her hearing is all ok just have to keep getting it checked out and they also said fluid can cause ear infections well today i had to take her to the docs and she has got her first ear infection the doc said if she keeps getting them they might have to put gromots in down the track i am just wondering if anyone else has had a baby with fluid and what did they do about it? and how old were they when they put gromots in if had to have them? did it affect there hearing? did the fluid go by itself? just so many questions i have to take her back to the hearing place but here there is a shortage of audiologists and they cant find one to take over any information would be very much appriciated thanx.

My son was around 12 months when he first started getting ear infections. He was getting one after another and they were making him so sick and unsettled. If he had an ear infection and we travelled in the car then he would vomit and it also made him fall over alot as it affects their balance. I dont remember it affecting his hearing, it was more his balance was a big problem.

He finally had grommets put in at 20 months and it made such a big difference, with the grommets if he had fluid then it would run out of his ear which meant the fluid was not sitting in his ear and causing an infection. This only happened a few times, he is great now. The doctor said that the older they get they grow out of it. One of the grommets fell out within the first 4 months and he did get two infections after that but nothing since. One grommet is still in, it has been 1 year since the operation but his doctor just said to get it checked in 6 months time.

Good luck, its horrible when they are so sick, but its seems quite common for little ones to get grommets.

All the best

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

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