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lump underneath her nipple Lock Rss

DD is 11months and yesterday i noticed a lump underneath her nipple, it kind of feels like the lumps newborns have due to breatfeeding and ur hormones in there body, only bigger. she has had a temperature and is off her food. took her to the chemist today for them to have a look and the pharmacist said the temp was due to teething and the lump was a most likely an instect bite.i think the pharmacist was just talking sh*t because she didn't know wat it was. i know my baby and she isn't teething and the chances of an insect bite right there is abit far fetched and the lump is under the skin. anyone had something similar, or any ideas on wat it could be??

My 11 month old DD has a lump under one of her nipples and has done for about six months and every time I take her to the doctor i get them to check it and they say the smae thing every time and that it is just a harmless cyst and not to worry about it.

there is also a doctor in our mums group and she has said the same.

If you are really worried go and see your own doctor so that they can check it and help put your own mind at ease.

hope this helps
[Edited on 06/01/2008]

Mum of Kendra 7/2/07 & Hamish 19/2/09

thanks for the info, a cyst still sounds scary even if it is harmless, does having cysts now increase their chances of having more in the future? also does ur DD's lump disappear and come back? because that's wat has happened, the lump went right down but the nipple was still red last night, but the lump is back tonight.
her temperature was unrelated, i hate to admit it but the pharmacist was right, she cut a tooth last night big time sad
[Edited on 06/01/2008]
I had a cyst removed from my left nipple when I was a bub (not sure of age) I don't know if they considered it dangerous or something and thats why they removed it. I don't know if it came and went or anything but Mum told me that they were unsure if that breast would develop properly as I hit puberty. My DH would happily tell you it made no difference at all. LOL. I'd say its best to get it checked. Better safe than sorry.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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