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Pig sty's??? Lock Rss

Hi, does anyone know what i should do about a pig sty my 6 month old son has? I noticed it this morning, the poor little darling, it looks a bit sore. Does he need to see a doctor or is there something i can purchase from a chemist? What are they caused by? I feel like a terrible mother who's done something to cause it. Please help.... Any info would greatly help.
Hi Storm,
I have never heard of these..are they stys in the eyes?
I would recommend calling the Maternal Child Health line 13 22 29 and see if they have any advice for you...that numbers for Vic.
Dont worry Im sure your a fantastic mother!!
Good luck and let me know how you go.
Hi Sophie,
Thankyou for your kind words. Yes they are stys in the eye. I decided to take Noah to our local chemist and was given some saline drops to put in his eye 2 times a day and was told it should clear up in a couple of days. I also was told it's actually an infection in the hair folicle and they don't know what causes it. I'm so releaved it wasn't from something i should or shouldn't have done.
Thanks for the phone number but i'm in Sydney.
I really appreciate your kind words and support Sophie. Thanks again.
Hi storm,

I get these stys all the time, and yes they are painful! If your son appears to be in pain with them then give him some panadol...I always need it when I get mine!! Poor fella!
I heard too that they are an infection in the hair folicle of the eye lash but I have also heard that stress can also trigger them...not sure how true that one is though.
All I can suggest it to keep the eye clean with the saline solution and if it looks to be getting worse take him to your doc!
Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Thanks for the tip, I've been using the saline drops and it's already starting to clear up. I'll keep your advice if ever the problem occurs again.
Thanks again.
Hi Storm
Im glad to hear its on the mend..those saline drops are really great for heaps of things..I have been putting a couple of drops up Ashleighs nose to clear it out while he has a cold so they have many uses.
Hi, I hope the sty is going away or gone by now, but I thought I'd tell you this "old wives" remedy that my mum always tells rub your wedding ring on the sty gently.
Apparently the gold in the ring can help to get rid of it.
Obviously any gold ring would do the same, and I'm not sure if it even really works, but you know how those old rememdies are....some do, some don't....LOL

All the best anyway,


Robyn, mum to Montana,18-10-03 + Diesel,26-3-06

Thanks for the advice on the saline drops, that's handy to know for future reference.

Hi Robyn, I tried the wedding ring tip (my mum told me that one) I don't know if it helped to clear up the problem quicker. I'm sure it was a combination of the wedding ring and the saline drops.
As weird as these old wives tales sound, i believe they do have some truth about them. Thanks, and the sty is nearly 100% cleared up now.
p.s if only the saline drops help with sleeping
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