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Doesn't drink water Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm a new member and firstly I have to say what a great site this is. It's great to read that we all go through the same things with our kiddies..what fun.
My 7.5month old baby doesn't drink water, I try every day and each time she turns her head away as soon as the bottle goes in her mouth or she'll bite on the teat- if it's milk - not a problem. I've even tried giving it to her with the spoon and it dribbles out her mouth!
Otherwise she's eating solids well and is now down to 3bottle feeds..any suggestions on how I can get her to drink water??:}

Christina, SA

Hi Christina,

My 5 month old wouldn't drink water out of her bottle either, so I bought her a cup to try and now she has no problem drinking it (she is also on solids and three bottles a day).
The only time we have trouble now is if the weather is cool, then she doesn't seem to want the water at all she is content with just her bottle feeds.

Hi Christina,

I completely understand your dilemma. My 9mth old son doesn't drink much water either. I have tried several different types of training cups, a glass, spoon, frozen, you name it, my son won't even drink juice. I usually have success a couple of times with a new technique and each time he rejects it after a while. At the moment he is doing really well with a decor sipper drink bottle I bought in the baby section in Safeway. It took a while but he has started to suck on the straw. He also sipped a straw on a golden circle baby juice tetra pack yesterday. I dont know how long it will last this time. I guess the best thing you can do is to keep persevering and eventually your baby will hopefully catch on.

Good luck.


Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

hi well my daughter wont drink water either i have tryed in a bottle and in a sipper cup but she wont have a bar of it soon as she realises it is water she spits it out straight away is there anyway to get them to drink water?
Hi Dan & Lucy..
Thanks guys... we'll try the you use the sipper on the top or does your baby drink straight from the cup?
Thanks again for the advice..

Christina, SA

Hi Nat..
Maybe it's a girl thing hey? Ha ha ha..

Christina, SA

I use a sipper cup. I got the cup with the sipper for 6-12 months even though Lucy is only 5 months old, it did run a little fast for her at first but now she is ok with it.
hi baby-E well it must be a girl thing lol. well i have even tryed her out of an ordinary cup and she will drink anything else out of it but water when she gets a taste of water she spits it out.
next bub i have i am going to start them on water straight away so maybe then i might have abit more luck but with caprice we will have to stick to juice now.
if you find any way to get your bub to drink water let me know ok and let me know how you go with the sipper cup i have one of them tomiee tipee ones she will drink juice out of it but not water lol.
keep me updated.
Hi twinkletoes..
sorry for delay we've been away for the month..and guess what? Elleni is now drinking water!!! How did we do it..we persisted and kept giving it to her and we had a few hot days so she was obviously thirsty and drank it straight away.
I've also given it to her by spoon and she's drank that too.
We had a few nights were she was ill and I gave her caffeine free chamomile and she skulled that quickly...and settled her also..(two in one bonus)!
So hope you've had some luck since writing to me...let me know..
P.S. I didn't try the sipper cup..

Christina, SA

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