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my son has 2 holes in his backside Lock Rss

my 6mth old son has 2 different holes, one is for pooing and the other one i am not too sure. just wondering if that is normal or not. he has had the second one( bout a centimeter higher from his pooing hole) since he was born. my cousin had a baby girl and she doesnt have one so i dont know if this is normal or what...
Hi my son as a "sacral dimple" which is above his anus and looks sorta like a hole but doesn't have an opening. Was told by the paed it is fairly common and it will be fine, just make sure to clean in it well.

If it has an opening then u need to see the Dr as it could have consequences with their bowel.

Did they mention it when he was born? Mine is noted on his discharge checklist in his blue health record book.

My daughter has one too. Get the doctor to check it as when I was in hospital with DD it wasn't until I changed her nappy that I noticed it, the paed who was there for the c-section didn't notice it at birth. He checked it when I questioned it and he confirmed it was quite common as mentioned above. As it turns out my mum has one, and so does DD's father.

Dee:30 DH:37 DD: 2.5 years & DD: 8 months

My brother had one and so did his son. My brothers was quite deep but not until he was adult did it get infected and have to be cleaned adn then sewn up. My nephew had one and because of how deep it was (Didn't actually enter into the inside of the bidy - IYKWIM) he had it sewn up at about 6months of age. 2 of my kids have little indents but not deep enough to worry about.

Go see the doc. The chances are, its nothing serious.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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