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second immunisation shots help Lock Rss

my 16 week old boy had his second lot of needles last wednesday and since thursday night he's been waking up at 3 am coughing like anything, it's a real wet cough too. Does anyone think it's related to his needles? He doesn't cough any other time. I asked the doctor and he said it'd have nothing to do with it and his chest is clear. I dont know what esle to do.
I can't see the doctors admitting that it would be the needles, but in my opinion it could be it. Matt has been sick since his 6 month needles. I put it down to the immunisations affecting his immunity and thus, catching a cold easily and not being able to fight it as effectively. There would be nothing you could really do except for raising his cot so that the 'flem' doesn't accumulate in his throat as much. Good luck, I know it is awful when they are not 100%


sorry i dont have any help for you, but a couple of girlfriends of mine have had the same problem. I dont know if it could just be the age, but i think it could have something to do with the immunisation.

The first lot of shots that my little boy had he came up with a rash all over and a temp. No sleeping problems though. Although now he has sleeping problems!!! HAHAHA...

Maybe try something different like, not wrapping (if you do wrap) or something like patting back of to sleep. If he has a dummy and isnt settling because cant find it put a few in the cot for him to find him self. hope this is at least some help. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06


Your problems might be related to immunisation and might not I dont really know my (nearly 9 month old) son only got a bit of a fever. I thought you may like some advice on how to help him sleep through the night though. You may want to consider buying a vaporiser (this can be used for many years and they cost under $50), you add the menthol liquid in the top and as the steam passes over it the room fills with the menthol stuff. I must say whenever my little boy gets a cold this works a treat (even for his cough). I have even spent the night in his room when we have both had it and found it helped me too. It is also safe for any age.

Just a thought, hope this helps.

Kara, NSW

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