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My little man has been very sick Lock Rss

My son connor who is now 15 months has been in hospital for the past 24 hours he just got home and went to bed.

He got up in the morning and called for grandma so i though i would tkae him down their. When we got their he didnt want to walk or anythink but be held. Then next thing he has a fit started shaking and stuff. He was so hot his temp was right up so we took him to the hospital.

He has about 10 more of them on the way to the hospital and i was getting scared when we got their they did some tests and stuff and ended up making him go to another hospital. When we got their they put him in his own room for close monetering and everythink elce.

I had to come home and get some sleep my eyes feel like they dont want to open and i can only look out alittle bit.

We was told that home may be better for him and just moneter his temp and stuff.

I think he ok now but its very scary for a mum to see her little baby having fits like he was.


TTC a baby girl

geez how scary you would have been pannicking, luckily i have not had to deal with that yet and my boy is 15 months also. i guess i have just been very lucky. did they say if it was just the high temp that caused it or what. How is he today hope ok and you got some rast, let me know
Hi there Pamela how are you,
Sorry to hear connor hasnt been feeling well.I understand how you felt my little girl monique started having fits at 3 weeks old and after all the tests the results were epilepsie she is now on medication every day for it so i totally understand what you went through. Its very scary.
If you would like to chat my addy [email protected]

Take care mel

It is the season for lots of viruses, I was up from 11pm to 2 am this morning with my just turned 2 yr old with earache, he has a bad cold, you just feel so helpless and sorry for them when they are sick. So he got lots of cuddles and pain killer, he slept till 5 am. I do not think it is a middle ear infection though.

Sorry to hear about your scary time with the fits, hope everything is well with your family now. My sister's partner suddenly starting having fits at 32 yrs old-they do not know what caused it, he fits about once a yr!! Scary if they go unconscious though.

Vanessa smile

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