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Torticollis and Plagiocephaly (think we need a helmet) Lock Rss

My daughter who is six months was diagnosed with Torticollis and plagiocephaly (flat head) two months ago. We have been going to the physio every two weeks and been doing neck exercise at home. ( no improvment) After researching on the net I have become every stressed about her head and neck and have requested a helmet for her unfortunately both the physio and her Dr don't agree with me, was wondering if any one from WA has been fitted for one or any new information as I don't won't my girl to grow up looking at the world only to the left.

lee,WA,6mth baby

My son had the same thing i really feel for you im from vic so im not much help but i found the exercise i was given helped him, we had started them at four months and now he is rolling over and he is turning his head which is great yes he still has a flat head but he doesnt have to wear a helmet as they are happy with his bone growth and his ears and front of head is ok.i was told that the helmet wont fix the torticollis it helps in reshaping the head. i do still have to encourage him to use his other side and keep him of his head and it has been a long haul. i wish you all the best

vicky tamara 3 corey 5 months

Try a chiropractor, they can help with balance, and giving ideas on how to rectify head shapes without a helmut. my chiro told me that the head can change shape up until it is fused (which she also said is about 5) after that, you haven't got much chance of fixing. As you want the best for your child, at least speak to a chiro & see what they can do... (if you're unsure of them).
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