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can i give him farex Lock Rss

kai is 3.5 months old and is constently hungry is it alright to start him on 4 month old farex yet?


this is just my opinion....yes i really don't see the harm. My eldest daughter was eating solids by this age as she was also constently hungry. She loved it, but be prepared for a bit of mess! She is a healthy, beautiful 4 year old with no allergies or major illnesses. I would definately do the same thing with my bubba, if she needs it.
You will always come up against people who say it is wrong and you should just up their feeds. that is their opinion and that is fine, but just do what you feel is right. Make sure you mix it with their milk (breast or formula) and make it quite runny. He will spit out just as much as he eats, but it doesn't take them long to get the gist of it.

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is he breast or bottle fed? might be an idea if he is still breast fed, to try & top up with a bottle after his feed, or if is on a bottle, then put a teaspoon or two of farex in the made up bottle.... honestly, sometimes it's more of a pain in the neck to start solids as you have to always make sure you've got stuff with you. oh, and if you do start early, they can often decide that food is far more interesting than milk (as my daughter did at 5mths -weaned herself from me, then at 7mths, was off all milk). but it is entirely up to you, so these are just a couple of suggestions...
damon has been having solids since he was about 3 months old and he is a happy contented boy, most nights sleeping up to 13 hours. he'll sleep anywhere from 7 'til 7 if my partner doesn't get up early for work as sometimes he starts at 2.30 in the morning and damon usually thinks it's time to wake and have a play with daddy. GRRRR
But other than that damon was always hungry. he was having bottle and b/f 3 hourly once he was on solid it went to 4-5 hourly.

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