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How to tell if your child has had a concussion. Lock Rss


My daughter had a fall last week where she had a bump on the head, sounds like normal for children i hear you say but for me its still heartbreaking to see her in any pain, anyway some people may already know this but i didnt so i guess this could be some helpful advice to anyone that doesnt know but to cheak if your child has suffered a concusion you face your bub to the light and then turn them away from the light and if their pupils are different from each other they have suffered a concussion and need to be taken to the hospital but if they are the same then they didnt suffer a concussion, my friend had told me this and she only knows because her sister is a nurse.
Hope i have helped anyone who wasnt aware of this.
thanks... my daughter fell at a bday party straight onto some cement... no concussion but i took her to the chiropractor a few days later and they asked if she had fallen as her ribcage & neck were a bit wonky & she was unbalanced. a couple of adjustments later & she was fine........
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