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Breast or Bottle? Lock Rss

When my son was born weighing 11 lb 4 oz, I was told that I would have trouble feeding him, which I did, I didn't have enough milk and he wasn't attaching properly (reguardless of how many times I tried and how much help I had) then my milk dried up completely (3 weeks) and he was on formula. What I would like to know is why do people make you feel so bad that your child is on formula? My son is thriving and at 9 months is starting to walk, he has had 1 sinus infection and apart from teething there has been nothing else wrong with him. Even now I get funny looks and comments when I buy formula for my son. I feel bad enough for not being able to breast feed without others making it worse.

Kimberly, QLD

Hi Gumboot,
It is unfortunate that people out there are so rude and inconsiderate. I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed and found that people gave me dirty looks when feeding my son in a public place, one cafe asked me to leave. My husband and I weren't not impressed as we hadn't even finished lunch. I know get dirty looks because my so at 14 months is on a bottle. I actually had one old lady come up to me today and say "Oh you should be breastfeeding him still, it is no good putting a baby on to milk in a bottle". I thanked her for her opinion and asked her where her medical degree was and informed her that if my son wasn't on a bottle then he probably wouldn't have his mum as I am on heart medication. I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is to ignore these inconsiderate people and remember that you are doing what is best for your son.
Keep smiling and Happy Parenting.
Mum of 14 month old boy

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Just remember that u are his mum and although u sometimes have to listen to what other ppl have to say, just thank them and then forget it.. u know what is best so go with it and enjoy yourself.....

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

Well said Kel.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

thanks smile

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

I know exactly how you feel. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 1/2 months ago, I had no support from my partner when it came to breastfeeding and he made me feel absolutely horrible every time I did. I was made to feed in the bedroom, with the doors closed at all times, I couldn't feed infront of anyone or take her out without being accused of feeding in public. His attitude made it impossible for me to continue feeding as it did not feel special at all for me or my daughter so I started feeding her formula. Since then we have had trouble settling her and finding a suitable brand and he began to believe in breastfeeding (too late!).
Now people treat me as if I gave in too easy, I get bad looks from others when I buy it, comments when I tell them she is one it and recently in my new mums group everybody left to get a group photo and ignored me as I was feeding her.
Nobody cares as to why your baby is on formula and for me no-one was willing to encourage and support me to continue breastfeeding.
You did what you had to do for your baby, don't let any-one tell you different. I always thought I'd breastfeed for at least 6 months instead I was lucky to last a month. People don't realise how hard it can be to feed your a baby a bottle when you feel so strongly against it.

Keely, Vic, Emily born 11/03/03

I think breastfeeding is one of the most controversial aspects of parenting! I was able to breastfeed my 6 1/2 mth old son (after some initial issues with cracked nipples and attachment problems). I weaned Reece at 6 mths (as I am returning to work) and he is now fully bottle fed. I have experienced the "guilt factor" quite a bit - even from some friends who are still breastfeeding their children - particularly because I chose to stop feeding Reece when I still had plenty of milk. The main thing is that my son is just as happy and healthy on formula as he was on breastmilk - that's enough evidence for me that I've not done the wrong thing.
I breast fed Ebony till she was 6 months old. She now has a tooth and she thought my nipple would be great to bite!

I can't understand people who have the nerve to say babies should still be on the breast at a certain age! Maybe they should hang their tit out in public only to have it munched on by a sharp object.

Maybe it's time us Mum's stuck together and smiled at each other in the supermarket. Even a Hello would be nice as we select our formula. You never know you might make a new friend or two!

As I am new to this web site I look forward to meeting a few nice people. The one's who don't stare at you if you buy formula or pop a boobie out in public!!
Hi Gumboot,
My first daughter, Charlie, was born weighing 9lb 9 1/2oz, due to my gestational diabetes and I had the same problems breast feeding her. She was on compliment feeds from day one, then by 3 months old, she would have a breast feed, then the next feed would be a bottle. I simply did not have enough milk for her and she had reflux. I even had to sign a document(while I was in hospital) to say that I understood that breast was better but I was choosing to bottle feed. I had a fight with the mid-wife(who made me sign the document!) about giving her the comp feeds. She told me it wasn't necessary. Then the same mid-wife, after weighing Charlie before our release from hospital, told me that she had lost more than half her birth weight and that I should give her comp feeds because my milk wasn't enough!!
I wanted to try breast again with my second daughter but she wasn't gaining enough weight so I used the same routine with her that I did with Charlie. Aria is now nearly 10 months old, Charlie is 4 and they are both healthy and happy children.
I worried myself stupid over the breast/bottle debate(even with Aria)and I came to the conclusion that every mother and child is different. Different things suit different people and if you and your child are happy and healthy with whatever you're doing, then that is all that matters. If anyone tells you it's wrong, you tell them to mind their own business!! Hope this makes you feel a little better.
I'm Cathy from Country vic, my second child was born with bacterial menningitis and spent the first month of his life hooked up to a respirator, hense breastfeeding was impossible. The nurses kept telling me to express for when he was able to feed, but as I had no child waking me up at 2am my milk eventually dried up. Buying formula was met with the same prejudice. It is digusting how people treat you when they have no idea what the situation is. My own sister was on her soap box about it too, untill she had to have an operation three days after giving birth and spent 6 weeks in hospital, now she knows that sometimes formula is just needed even not when wanted. She now bottle feeds her little girl!
Just be content in what is right for you.

Cathy, m of 3 boys, trying for #4.


I just wanted to tell everyone, if your baby is happy and content, what does it matter how you are feeding him/her? Not everyone breastfeeding gets praised either. I come from a family who show a disgust face every time they asked if i am still breastfeeding, telling me shes too clingy etc. WHich is why i tried to wean my baby when she was 3 months old. The only reason why we are still going was because she was so stubborn and I gave up trying. She would rather starve than take formula! ANyway she is now 10 months old and i am still breastfeeding. BUt only at home, away from family members. But she is very happy and content and thus i am ignoring what everyone else is saying. i therefore never ever judge anyone from how they are feeding their baby. Just take your cue from your baby!!! IS he or she happy?
Hi, I agree. If your baby is happy and content that's all that really matters. I have recently made that tough decsion to change from breast to bottle.. I have to say it was one of the toughest decisions i've ever made but now that my baby is fully bottle fed she's much much more content than fighting to get food from me, which she had to do almost hourly as she was so hungry. Now we've got a much happier more content baby which makes for a much happier less stressed mum!!

The guilt people put on you for changing to formula is disgusting!! My little girl has a cold now and when i spoke to my dr about what i could do for her, his comment was "since she got the cold from you her best chance of quick recovery would have been the antibodies in your breast milk.. but since your not breastfeeding anymore that wont help her"... talk about make a mum feel rotten!!!!!
It's not like the decision to bottle feed comes easy, but what ever decision we make for our babies should be supported!!! Breast isnt always possible! I say go with your instinct and do what you think is best for both you and your baby!

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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