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Wheat allergy Lock Rss

My boy has a wheat allergy and I was wondering whether the fact that I ate so much weet bix during my pregnancy and whilst I was breastfeeding contributed to him getting the allergy. They normally recommend not to give wheat products until 8 or more months to reduce the chance of babies getting an allergy but he would have been introduced to it since birth thru the breast milk.
Does anyone elses baby have a wheat allergy and did you eat alot of weet bix or wheat products during pregnancy & breastfeeding.
hi there

i lvied on weetbix (breakie& lunch & snacks tongue!!!and vita wheat biscuits were a big hit when i was preg, and my bub is fine, no allergy's at all.
so i dont know if thtas got nething to do with the allergy.
How did you find out about his wheat allergy?
My 6 yr old daughter is allergic to gluton, it took ages to diagnose her as we had no idea what was wrong with her and not many doctors know about it now. I always thought it was from me feeding her baby custard at about 3 months old.
Jaylen's mum

Let me please put your mind at rest and tell you that Jaylen having a wheat allergy is not at all your fault even after eating so much wheat product.

For him to get the allergy through your breast milk you would have to be squirting out up and go drinks (you know the ones with 2 whole weet bix's in each drink). But obviously you weren't so it is just something that happens. At least you know about his allergy now and can treat it.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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